6 Items You Need To Go Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an exciting outdoor activity because you can explore mountains while keeping your body fit. It may just be your hobby or part of your fitness training, but you need to be prepared while on the mountain. Especially if you’re not familiar with the trail or location, you need to bring essential biking items.

These items will help you survive and make your every biking activity safe. Before you pedal your way out of your home, you should bring the following mountain biking essentials with you:

1. Helmet

Even if you’re not into mountain biking, wearing your helmet is essential and required by the law. It’s because you can keep yourself safe from incurring head injuries, extreme weather conditions, and others.

Generally, mountain bike helmets have a visor to block the sun. They will help you navigate your way without being distracted by the sun or flashing lights. You can buy one of these at any online store, but, first, you must consider the reviews of mountain bike helmets at reputable sites, such as bikesmarts.com.

2. Gloves

Another item you shouldn’t forget is your gloves. Mountain bike trails are rough, which can injure your palms and fingers. You may get calluses and blisters from maneuvering rough trails, but you can minimize this by wearing gloves.

Moreover, gloves can also protect your hands in case you stumble and go down the rocks. Since a layer of clothing is covering your hands, you may avoid getting cuts or injuries. Unlike when you’re not wearing gloves, your hands will absorb all the impact.

3. First Aid Kit

It’s always best and safe to bring a first aid kit at all times. All you need is a small pouch with some paper towels, gauze, non-stick pads, Benadryl, aspirin, alcohol, and other helpful items for emergencies.

4. Inflation Device

Whether you’re going for a long or short trail, you must always carry an inflation tool kit, like a CO2 inflator or bike pump. CO2 inflators are compact because the kit only consists of an inflator head and small cartridges of compressed gas. By having this kit, you can refill your flats even when you’re in a deserted part of the mountain.

biking tools

5. Repair Tool Kit

You must also have your bike repair kit so you can quickly fix mechanical problems while you’re out there in the wild. It should include some tire levers, an extra tube, a multi-tool for bikes, and a patch kit. Carrying a repair tool kit will keep your bike at its optimum condition.

6. Eye Protection

Aside from a visor, it’s best to wear eye protection glasses so you can keep off debris, dust, and trail dirt from entering your eyes. These particles may endanger your eyes, so biking without them is a big NO as well. Not only that, but sunglasses can also help you see more clearly when the sun is too bright.

What’s better is using an interchangeable lens system that changes automatically, depending on the light conditions automatically. That way, you can still use it even when it gets dark.


The essential items mentioned above won’t be too much of a load, so it’s best to bring them. They will make you safe while biking and will keep your bike’s condition at its best. You don’t need to worry about getting flat tires because you have the tools to refill them. That way, you can fully enjoy your biking experience because you know how to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.