The Trendiest Strawberry Blonde Hair Shade Ideas This Year

There are various variations of strawberry blonde hair shades that exist. Some exist naturally, while others can be created by a colourist and DIY experts. Regardless of whether you want to DIY your hair or you want to go to the salon, it makes sense to have an idea of the shade you need before you start the process.

We have researched and compiled some colours that can assist in your hair colouring. These ideas will help you choose the right variation of strawberry blonde colour that is fit for you. Continue reading to learn more. We hope you will get your best fit. Good luck with your selection!

1. Pink Toned Beachy Waves

These loose and beach waves are trending right now, and the best thing that women love them is their ease to style. You can style them at home within just a short amount of time.

To accomplish this look, you will utilise a large barrel curling iron. You should have a texturizing spray that you will need to vamp up your hairstyle. The loose beachy waves excellently reveal the two-toned strawberry blonde hair colour.

2. Edgy and Chic Bob

Many women have this misconception that it is hard to wear bobs. That is not true. By choosing the right colour for the right bob, you can have an amazing hairstyle that everyone would want to copy.

For instance, you can have a strawberry blonde highlighted with subtle dark shades. It is an easy style you can recreate at home using a flat iron and walk out from your home feeling fresh and confident.

3. Extended Subtle Strawberry Look

Most women who don’t like strawberry base their argument that it looks too bold for them. But should it have to be too bold? Absolutely, no. If boldness is your concern, then you should opt to a lighter version of the strawberry colour. This colour will look great whether you have curly or straight hair.

4. Brown, Strawberry, and Blonde Balayage.

Are you a brunette or blonde who just wants to try her luck in the strawberry-blonde before settling to a specific bold colour that you are not sure about? Well, this is the best transition shade for both brunettes and blondes since it provides a subtle warmth without dramatic red or pink shades. Reveal your dimensions by coming up with loose curls!

5. Sexy Blonde Strawberry Look.

This is another amazing hair colour if you are naturally blonde. By including light strawberry blonde highlights, you create warmth to your locks while still keeping the natural shade and appearance. In addition, this is a low maintenance hairstyle since you don’t colour the hair locks. You can also change this colour whenever you want since it doesn’t require a lot of effort to do that.

6. Strawberry and Vanilla.

If you need a hair shade with ridiculous pigmentation that will guarantee you many likes, then you should opt for this unique colour combination that is sure to turn heads. It is a perfect colour combination that looks great regardless of your hair type. The vanilla and strawberry tones seem great styled in extricate strands, but they also appear great when left to lay naturally.

7. Classic Red Tone and Strawberry.

This is an ideal look if you are looking for something that incorporates more of the red side of strawberry blonde hair shade. This is a great shade specifically for anyone looking for a natural look. The colour looks great on both curled and straight locks.

8. Sleek and Subtle Strawberry Ombre.

This hair colour changes from dark roots to sleek strawberry blonde colour all over the rest of the locks. And because the style uses ombre rather than traditional highlights, you should choose to go longer in between the tones. You should also curl the tips of your hair for a stylish look.

9. Bold and Beautiful Strawberry Ombre.

Are you in love with ombre looks, but you need something a little bit bolder? Well, you should consider this beautiful colour combination. This is ideal for ladies with long locks since long hair takes full advantage of the ombre effect. However, if you don’t have long locks and still want to rock this look, you can add an extension.