14 Tips That Can Boost Your Productivity in 2018

Statistics say that more than 90% of the people who make new year resolutions break them after the first month. Take the gymnasium for example, you will see a lot of people in January coming and working their guts out. Go February, come March, at least 50% of the previous attendees would have disappeared.

Why does that happen? Much more than monotony, it is the lack of productivity that affects the mindset of perseverance and endurance.

If one of your objectives is to become more productive this year, here’s what you need instead of resolutions: small, wise steps that’ll not only help you become an organized person but also make you feel confident about yourself.

How to Increase Your Productivity

So, without any further ado, let us check practical tips for becoming more productive in 2018.

#1. Focus on result-oriented activities.

There is simply no use thinking “how?” Set a goal for yourself and thrive to achieve it come what may. You need not care what or how the process is. It is because while you think about the betterment of the process, you tend to lose focus on the main part, which is the result.

The world looks at the result, it hardly cares about the hardships you went through. To achieve the goal is what winning is.

#2. Constantly ask yourself if what you are doing presently is productive.

It is important to doubt yourself.

Sometimes you tend to get so swayed away with daily routine and rigid schedules of “DOs and DON’Ts” that you start losing productivity with the non-introduction of flavor in what you do, and of course new things. It is very necessary to alter the process and with it bring in more energy and curiosity that acts as a driving force to get more work out of you.

So, ask yourself time and again, “Am I doing a productive job right now?” or “Are my present results better than my previous results?” Your mind will give you the answer and your heart will drive you to perform better and succeed.

#3. Love what you do.

In a year you chose to change yourself, do not take up a task that you have even 1% dislike for. It is of no use. Doing it would increase your disinterest even more, in the end you will get frustrated to realize that it was nothing but a waste of time and energy, because your efforts had no spirit because of your dislike.

Love what you do. Do what you want to do. Avail the process which you dream of making a difference by.

#4. Get yourself some free time and TRAVEL.

If you are dedicated to achieving a goal in 2018 and you are working hard every single day, giving your 100%, it is very much possible that there might arise a point where you are like, “Maybe I need a break?” Well, of course you do. Do not question it.

Pack your rucksack, tie your hiking shoes and go on an adventure, or just take a retreat from the city life and relax somewhere. Traveling makes you reflect on the process of self-development & learning and maybe you will find a more productive way.

Traveling also enhances your communication skills and public relations since you meet so many people outside your daily circle. Most importantly, travel will give you that inspiration that you were looking for.

#5. Ditch your smartphone and do activities to reboot your mind.

It is important to stay away from your smartphone for a while to reboot your mind. Smartphones present to you a hundred problems at the same time and it really creates a significant amount of stress for the mind, bringing all worries together.

How to avoid it? Stay away from it. But don’t just sit idle, that will draw you more towards it. Step out, go for a walk or enjoy the sunset. Gardening is a brilliant way to reboot your mind. And obviously, playing a musical instrument is one of the best medicines.

#6. Write a blog, share your ideas and teach.

Writing is one of the best stress-busters ever. But this is important because the world needs some motivation from you. Your schedule and your transformation can pull someone out of his/her misery.

While in the process of transformation, you might have been hit by ideas which are worth sharing to make life better for so many people out there. Share those ideas on a blog and let the world see them.

#7. Set some exciting goals.

Since most of your efforts and mind are already focused on reaching a goal, it is best to set exciting goals because the curiosity to have newer experiences will drive you to try new things and maybe discover a new ability in yourself.

Setting exciting goals is a necessary thing for self-development and productivity in your personal and work life.

#8. Avoid procrastination.

You have to believe in the power of NOW while dreaming for self-development. You cannot afford to plan and then not execute it by keeping it for later. It does not work that way.

One of the most important parts of the process is when you get up, get ready and get on with the work. That is the start of the metamorphosis and if you procrastinate, maybe it will never happen.

So, avoid this lethal habit and do it now.

#9. Weed out distractions.

All that you were distracted about before the start of your productive year, 2018, will come back to you as you proceed towards success. These distractions are difficult to avoid because they were once habits and daily life.

Time and again, you will have chances to get back to that life, even if for a night or some hours. You must not be caught in that trap again. Once distracted, you could possibly land in a position it could take you months to get out of.

And after you do, you realize that you have to start from scratch again. Don’t do that. Show distractions the door and focus on the process that you have already become a part of.

#10. Reward yourself for motivation.

There is a difference between distraction and reward. Distraction is something that puts doubts in your mind as to “should I do this again or not,” whereas reward is something that you know will ease your stress and make you more energetic the next day.

Go for a cheat meal, hang out with friends, visit those friends and family who inspire you to do better, trust in your development and will always be beside you at dire times. Travel could also be a brilliant reward to yourself because it is an investment in yourself more than anything, and it is the greatest motivator.

#11. Start your day with a moment of mindfulness.

Beginning your day with reading news and checking email might not be the best approach in order to have a happy morning.

According to experts, it is ideal to start off your day by dedicating 15 minutes or more meditating or simply breathing in and out to be more mindful.

#12. Use capture tools to track your commitments.

The secret of any top-performing employee to outperform others is to track his every commitment. According to researchers, capture tools like sticky notes, app or email are appropriate to make notes of your tasks and schedule.

So, instead of keeping things in your head, it will be an ideal approach to write them down at two-three places which can help you perform even better.

#13. Don’t chase perfection.

Perfection is unreal, the sooner you realize this, the better you will perform in your workspace. Excelling knowledge and going after it can reap you a good harvest of success, on the other hand, endeavoring to chase perfection can often land you in a situation of despair.

You will end up in a chaotic maze where you would definitely not want to see yourself. You have to realize that putting extra efforts into things that can be achieved easily is unnecessary most of the time.

#14. Schedule your day strategically for success.

Determining your daily agenda can have some excellent rewards for your career.

Use a calendar to mark your meetings, commitments and daily tasks, this will not only help in organizing your day well but will also promise a successful future. Researchers believe what you become is the result of what you do today.


The year 2018 started almost 3 months ago. You still have plenty of time in this year to prove to yourself that you are better than you were in 2017. But you will never get there unless you give yourself a wise start. The productivity is in you and you must trust yourself and your instincts.

So, go out there and live your dreams!

Author Bio: Sheza Gary has been a project strategist since 2009 and also involved in the launching of startups and tech companies in New York for over 5 years. She has keen interest in writing her own experiences about business plans and upcoming business supporting technologies. She loves public speaking and traveling.