How To React When You Bump Into An Ex

It’s safe to assume that, throughout our lives, breakups are pretty inevitable. Almost nobody makes it through with their first – except the very lucky few, very few.

That’s why we have to first, make our peace with the idea that we’re going to have exes, and secondly, that we might run into them somewhere one day or another – it’s just life! Now that we’ve established this, we have three very important mental tips to keep at the forefront of your head for when that dreaded day comes… 

Be Friendly, But Not Too Friendly

Whether you ran into them alone, or with company (yours or theirs), it’s always important to stay nice, civil, and composed when you see your ex in public, that is why you need to remember to bring out the side of you that you present when you run into someone from work you don’t have anything against, you know?

That calm smile, that pleasant tone, and most importantly, that decent and civilized demeanor. Be careful, though, not to cross the line to be over needy or awfully keen, because that’s never a good look for anyone; it’s just desperate. Just be… breezy.

Don’t Linger 

You run into people all the time, this is not your first, so don’t suddenly become awkward or overstay your welcome. You’ve said your hellos, you’ve done your 30 seconds of catching up, you smiled like a responsible adult… now say “It was great to see you, have a good one,” and move on with your day.

If they want to have an actual conversation with you, they know how to reach you, and you have all the right to accept or reject that idea. But for now, you’re just bumping into each other, it’s not a brunch date, don’t make it one.

Remember, You Look Fine

If I got a penny for every time I heard a friend complain about running into their ex on a bad hair day, or with no makeup on, or while coming out to grab a coffee in their stained shorts and shirt with a hole in it… STOP!

We’re talking about your ex here; they’ve most likely already seen you on bad hair days, without makeup, in your old PJs, when you had a nasty flu last winter, or when you got that mysterious rash after eating prepackaged sandwich.

You. Look. Fine. Stop expecting to look all dolled up every waking hour of every living day, because even they don’t expect you!

Besides, the person you’re meant to be with will think you’re the most beautiful thing ever before you’d even washed your face in the morning. So, chill, it’s all in your head. 

Always Be Prepared

The possibility of running into someone you’ve dated before is quite significant, and in preparation for that, you need to keep your wits about you.

Practice in front of a mirror if you have to! It’s only going to be a short, one-minute routine tops (remember, we are not going to linger); it’s going to be mature, dignified, with a smile, and you’re going to look great, because you always do (after all, they dated you, they know what you’re all about).

And most importantly, remember: they’re only a person, just like you and me, nothing to freak out about, so breathe.