Business Travel To London In 2022: Things To Keep In Mind

London is the topmost destination for business travelers. It headquarters numerous multinational companies with almost every corporate present in this city. Therefore, it presents an excellent platform to be a successful professional with trillions of business deals materializing every day.

Business travel to London in 2022 usually means a trip to your workplace. However, it could also mean meetings or workshops with other companies in another part of the city.

Before traveling, there are several things to consider, no matter your business travel needs.

Travel light

London has the world’s best public transport infrastructure via tubes, buses, and trams. Therefore as a business traveler, you should commute to your local destination by using them instead of traveling in the expensive cabs.

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Do familiarize yourself with the destination

Business travel to London can be a daunting and complex undertaking. Before departing for your trip, research the area of London where you will be working or have meetings. Familiarize yourself with the site by looking at street maps or maps of the London Underground system.

Keep time in hand

Traveling to London, especially for business purposes, can be hectic. Preparing for your trip and knowing a little about the area beforehand will make your journey easier.

If you’re coming from far away, arrive there early the day before your meetings. This will allow you to rest and plan the day ahead without being in haste. Furthermore, you’ll also get used to the time zone and be able to talk with associates and business partners more naturally.

Restaurant culture

If you’re planning on taking your business guests out for lunch or an early evening dinner, it’s good to first look into the restaurants near your meeting location to check the menu, prices, and cuisine.

Make sure you know what kind of tips and gratuities are appropriate in the restaurant, so you don’t offend anyone by being too generous or stingy.


Your primary workplace should be the focal point of your London serviced apartment search. You will want to include travel time to and from your accommodation into working hours, so try to stay close.

If you find yourself taking frequent, extended business trips to London, consider renting a serviced apartment for more than one month instead of booking short-term rentals for each trip.

Central accommodation makes sure that you’re close enough to enjoy all the famous sites, cute shops, and lively nightlife, yet far enough away to avoid the hefty London hotel prices for the time you are staying.