Factors To Think About Before Buying A Backpack

Whether you are going on a hiking trip or just to school, a backpack is indispensable. Instead of the hassle of trying to juggle everything all at once while trying not to fall on your face, you can just throw all your stuff in your trusty backpack.

However, the purpose of the backpack and your needs play a huge role in determining the type of backpack you will buy. Do not go into your nearest store and buy the first one you lay your eyes on. 

No worries though if you cannot think of a list of the things you might need in a backpack because we have compiled a list that covers everything you should consider before making your purchase.


The extra features and big volume are sure attractive; however, do you have a budget? Backpacks can be dirt cheap or extremely expensive based on their purpose and specifications, so before you splurge on the most expensive one, think about your needs first. There is no reason to burn a hole in your pocket if you are going to use it once in a blue moon.

On the other hand, it can be a worthwhile investment if you are going to utilize it on a daily basis. Also, you should keep in mind that different stores have varying deals. Thus, you can find your desired backpack at a lower price somewhere else. Just check online and go to physical stores after you decide on a certain backpack to make sure you do not get ripped off.


You want a backpack that reflects your personal style. If you are using it for college or school, then find one that is trendy and chic. It is essential to go for the colors and patterns you are sure you like.

On the other hand, if you are opting for a survival backpack for your hike, you will find that practicality most probably outweighs style; yet you can still find survival backpacks that are both practical and stylish if you search hard enough.


A great backpack with a trendy design is unfortunately useless if its material is flimsy. You should make sure that you choose one that can handle carrying all your stuff and endure the wear and tear of everyday use. It would be a deal breaker if your backpack gets torn after just a few months of use.

Nonetheless, you cannot be 100% sure of the material without reading reviews; the ones on this site are a great place to start, as they contain an extensive breakdown of the specifications of different models, including the material. Thus, you will be able to take your pick without worrying about the longevity of your chosen backpack. Generally, the durable materials you should be on the lookout for are nylon, canvas, and polyester.


When it comes to backpacks, there is literally a no-size-fits-all rules. The size you will need if you are a student will differ from the one a hiker might need. If you want to buy a backpack for school or college, choose one that has a big compartment for books and another for your laptop in case you want to keep it within reach. Ideally, it should also have a pocket for loose change and accessories.

On the other hand, if you are going hiking or mountain climbing, then you will need a survival backpack that has at least 40L of volume. This way, you will not run out of food or essentials before your trip reaches its conclusion.

Padded shoulder straps

Because you will be carrying it for a long time, your backpack should give your shoulders enough support. Opt for the ones with padded shoulder straps, as they will alleviate the strain from your neck and shoulder and prevent back pain. Moreover, adjustable length is always a plus since it allows for a good fit according to your height and eliminates any discomfort. 

Water resistance

In some cities, rain is a daily occurrence rather than an occasional nuisance. If you live in a city where it rains frequently, then you need to invest in a waterproof backpack to ensure that the items you put in it stay dry. This is especially crucial for survival backpacks, as you can find yourself stranded in a rainforest and completely dependent on the items you have taken with you on your trip.

Backpacks are fun; they offer a fuss-free means of carrying your things. However, you should take into consideration the specifications you need your future backpack to include to avoid overspending and make sure you get the most comfortable and practical backpack on the market.