What Is the Cheapest Time to Travel to Las Vegas?

Holidays and special events bring large crowds of tourists to Las Vegas every year. More tourism translates to more demand for hotel rooms and entertainment show tickets. As a result, more demand means higher prices.

If you want to save money on your Las Vegas trip, visiting Las Vegas during the off-season or unpopular travel months would be more budget-friendly. The off-season months would be between January and May and September and November. So if you can book your hotel reservations and show tickets during these months, you may find the best prices available.

The cheapest time can also be different for everybody. It depends on what you want to do in Las Vegas and how much time you have to plan the trip. Do not worry, though, because there are ways to prepare for cheap trips quickly and proactively.

Would you like more explanation on how to plan the cheapest time to travel to Las Vegas? Here are the top five tips to help you get started:

1) Avoid Holidays

Traveling to Las Vegas at a time with no holidays scheduled is always cheaper. For instance, the last week of November and the last two weeks of December would be the most expensive times to visit Las Vegas because of the larger crowds.

But if you book your tickets at least a few weeks or more away from any scheduled holidays, you will not see as much demand for hotel rooms and show tickets. Be sure to check out topcount.co guide for more information about best month to go to Vegas.

2) Research the Show Prices

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit Las Vegas if you want to find the lowest show prices. There is always a way to score cheap tickets in Las Vegas if you know where to look, such as Vegas Lens. The website publishes exclusive discount opportunities on tickets to some of the most popular Las Vegas shows, such as Wayne Newton and Mystere.

Sometimes same-day ticket purchases can be cheaper if a show doesn’t sell out or someone else cancels their ticket. The hotel will lower prices on same-day tickets to sell as many as possible before the show begins. So if you want to see a show without a long-term ticket reservation, you may find reasonable prices if any tickets are available close to the showtime.

3) Avoid Summertime

You may have extra vacation time in May, June, July, and August, but so do a lot of other people. Tourists flock to Las Vegas during the summer because of the warmer weather and their free time away from work and school. That is why the travel prices are higher for tourists in the summer.

Try to avoid these summer months if possible. If you can choose your vacation time at work, schedule your Las Vegas trip after the summer ends or right before it begins. Then you can take advantage of better prices and the cooler weather in the spring or fall months. Since Las Vegas is in a hot desert, you may like the temperatures better in the spring and fall.

4) Anytime New Discounts are Posted

Websites like Vegas Lens continue to post discount opportunities for Las Vegas travel throughout the year. Sometimes the discounts are available during off-season months in the spring and fall. You never know when new deals will get posted until you see them on the website.

For this reason, anyone wishing to plan a cheap trip to Las Vegas should continue monitoring the Vegas Lens website for the newest hotel special packages and promo codes available. If you see an attractive package deal or promo code available for a limited time only, take advantage of it before the discount is gone.

5) Anytime If You Plan Right

Are you the type of person who doesn’t want to restrict themselves to going to Las Vegas during a particular time of the year? Well, if you plan your itinerary in the most frugal way possible, you could find it cheap to come to Las Vegas at any time of the year.

For example, you could take a road trip to Las Vegas from any location in the United States, and it would still be cheaper than flying there. Then you could use your car to travel around Las Vegas and see everything you want to see on your own time. The only transportation expense will be fuel.

The biggest expense on the trip will be your hotel accommodations. But if you aren’t picky about which hotel you want to stay in Las Vegas, you could find a lower-class hotel with rates starting at $20+ per night. As for food and entertainment, pack your own food from home and only visit free Las Vegas attractions. Then you can cut out your entire trip’s food and entertainment expenses.

6) Traveling in an RV?

The benefit of using an RV to travel to vegas is that you can do it whenever you want, you just have to make sure you’ve got the parking nailed down. Las Vegas is a huge hub for RV travel. Whether it’s people arriving in an RV, or renting an rv in vegas itself and exploring what Nevada has to offer. The key is in ensuring you find a good rv when you’re looking for rv rental las vegas and to ensure you’re comfortable driving it.

You also need to know where you’re going. Nevada is a large, dry state with miles of road so it’s always a good idea to plan your route and stop off points before you actually get going or you could end up lost or stuck without gas. An RV gives you a lot of range to really explore the state around and inside vegas, and can offer a good break to all the flashing neon lights. If you’re looking to mix up your trip with something a bit different, this is the one for you.


There are lots of ways to make your trip more affordable. Choosing the right time to visit Las Vegas is one effective way to cut travel costs if you want to see shows and stay at luxury hotels. It all depends on what you want to see and how much you can afford to spend. The off-season and non-holiday months are the best for travelers who wish to stay at luxury hotels and see quality shows at low prices.

Are you still looking for cheap shows in Las Vegas? Here is one credible source to help you get started: https://vegaslens.com/cheap-shows-in-las-vegas/. Of course, if the shows are too expensive, you can always enjoy free attractions like the Bellagio Fountains, Mirage Volcano, and Venetian’s gondola rides. Then you can go hiking on the trails of the Red Rock Canyon.

Las Vegas has endless opportunities to travel on a budget at different points of the year. You have to plan your trip accordingly.