10 Chic Bridal Hairstyles for Your Special Day

Almost every woman, having achieved some results in life, thinks about the wedding, that she will become the most stunning bride in the universe. But this is not enough, you need to make an effort. In this article, we will briefly share the secrets of seductive wedding hairstyles.

Well, the dress is selected, the wedding style is prepared, the menu is drawn up, the guests are invited, it’s time to think about the hairstyle.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is that the hairstyle should match the bride’s wedding image as much as possible. There is a great variety of wedding designers whose wedding dresses will not leave anyone indifferent: Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, JA, Ines di Santo, and many others.

Therefore, having spent in full on a tailored outfit, you will not spare money on your hairstyle and on about to bring your hair into a beautiful healthy look.

You can’t forbid having healthy and silky hair, but not every girl can boast of her hair. For many, over the years and as a result of long hair dyeing procedures, they become sluggish, dull, dry, and lifeless, of course, on such hair the hairstyle will not look spectacular, even if the King-hairdresser does it.

What hairstyles can you think of?

1. Volumetric beam

Several hairstyles stand the test of time and usually suit most hair types and face shapes. One such style is the bun. A voluminous bun is perfect for creating an elegant wedding hairstyle. They are so diverse and beautiful that your eyes just run up …

2. High beam

A high bun is perhaps the most popular bridal hairstyle. What can be more beautiful is when beautifully styled hair is gathered at the top and resembles a “crown”. This is an incredible and aristocratic hairstyle that will look great and harmonious with any wedding dress. This hairstyle can be supplemented with some accessories or simply left without additional decorations.

With such a hairstyle, you will be in trend, because naturalness and naturalness are the keys to beauty and style in 2021 and 2022.

3. Braid wreath

A natural and interesting option for a chic wedding hairstyle. For lovers of hairstyles with collected hair, this is a great option, since you do not need to use a lot of hairsprays here. Moreover, this option can be supplemented with fresh flowers or beautiful wedding hair accessories.

4. Loose hairs

Loose long hair for a wedding is a beautiful and elegant look that looks incredibly beautiful with jewelry in your hair. At the same time, styling “light curls” with a root volume will look ideal. Another great accessory that suits loose long hair is a veil. This is the look for long hair that Kate Middleton chose for the wedding.

5. Tall wedding hairstyles

High hairstyles look very solemn and beautiful. They emphasize the sophisticated profile of the bride, the beauty of her neck, back, and shoulders. On long hair, bunches, various knots, shells are most often made, intricate patterns are laid out from curls.

6. Two braids

If one braid, laid on one side, will not surprise anyone, then two romantic braids in a wedding look will be a very unexpected option. And there is no bride more romantic than a fragile and tender owner of two charming braids.

7. Cascading curls with fleece

Modern bridal styling with fleece is especially relevant, moreover, they are ideal for girls with a round face. Long, large flowing curls, combined with a pile on the top of the head, will help create both a discreet and romantic image of the modern bride. A newlywed with this hair shape will look luxurious and aristocratic. It is easy for a bride to make a wedding hairstyle with a pile on her own.

8. Spikelet fishtail

A hairstyle with elements of braids looks both romantic and formal – solemn. An interesting option for a wedding will be braiding a spikelet of a fishtail (French braid). This hairstyle can be an undeniable decoration for any girl with long hair. It is also a pretty practical option.

If you want the hairstyle to hold out unchanged throughout the wedding celebration, then choose a braid with a spikelet of a fishtail. The French braid comes in several versions, so you can choose the perfect shape to complete each look. You can weave a braid starting from the bottom up or vice versa from top to bottom, creating original solutions. A hairstyle can be created from one or more braids.

9. Sweet hive

Unlike the previous hairstyle, this neatly tucked hairstyle is especially suitable for a formal wedding in a classic or traditional style. “Shell” or “French twist” – a timeless hairstyle to create an elegant and stylish look. To balance the proportions of such a voluminous hairstyle on the back of the head, release a few strands in front to subtly frame the oval of the face.

10. Tail

A voluminous tail of curls is in fashion. It will be ideally complemented by straight parting and strands on the sides of the face. You can complete the image of the bride with large earrings.

A low ponytail will look gorgeous with jewelry in your hair or a pigtail as a headband.