When Choosing A Professional Carpet Cleaner, Consider These 5 Criteria

You may wish to hire the best firm for the task because you have never had carpets cleaned before, or you may simply be tired of hiring subpar carpet cleaners that leave your carpets “clean” yet leave them worse off six months later. Regardless of the cause, you are in the right place. The following are 5 criteria you should consider while choosing which carpet cleaner to hire in Dublin.

1. What cleaning agents are they employing on the carpet?

Cheap, abrasive chemicals can temporarily make your carpet appear clean, but they may be harmful to your family or pets. If your carpet cleaner’s products are suitable for use on kids and animals, you should find out.

However, there are other issues besides chemicals. Ask them if they plan to clean your carpet with soap or detergent as well. If the response is “yes,” you must find out how they plan to completely remove the detergent or soap. You can end up with crunchy carpets or, worse yet, residue that attracts dirt in your carpet if they don’t remove the residue from these items.

2. What equipment are they employing to clean carpets?

There are a number different instruments that can be used to clean carpets, and not all of them are created equal. The water and residue from steam cleaners can be useful if they can be entirely extracted, but this is difficult to do and frequently results in saturated carpet that takes a while to dry.

Additionally, it results in carpet residue being left behind. A dryer is another kind of tool. A pre-spray is first necessary for this tool, which also wets the carpet. A buffer pad is then used to remove the spots. In all honesty, it doesn’t function even close to as well as an extraction wand.

Leading carpet manufacturers do not endorse dry carpet cleaning techniques, and using them will void your warranty. The most effective carpet cleaning tool is a hot extraction wand. In order to prevent carpet flooding, it will immediately suction water out of the carpet fibres.

Wands should not be the only instrument employed. Before cleaning your floors, a quality carpet cleaner will agitate or vacuum them. The greatest choice for getting rid of all the debris that a vacuum cannot reach is a counter-rotating brush.

3. How responsive is the company’s phone support?

This may seem unusual, but talking to a carpet cleaning expert over the phone will tell you everything you need to know. Are they courteous and professional when the business answers the phone? Or perhaps you just received a hello? You might have reached someone on their mobile phone if you just received a greeting. While their service may not be as professional, this does not immediately render it bad.

In any case, ask a few questions about your requirements to see whether the person on the other end of the call is eager to assist you or annoyed by your inquiries. If you’re bothered, it’s time to make another call. Make sure the person cleaning your carpets will listen to your worries and complete the task the way you desire!

4. What do their clients think of them?

When reading reviews, you must be cautious. Although it is conceivable, it is difficult to make up many reviews on a respected website. A few reviews can be falsified, though. The best course of action is to read reviews on several websites, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Additionally, it’s crucial that you read some reviews and not only focus on the rating. What were the issues and worries of the clients? What aspects of the carpet cleaning experts did the clients like? Reviews are a quick and simple way to learn more about the carpet cleaner’s calibre.

If you want a pro tip, utilise your computer’s ctrl+f capability to search for reviews that are relevant to your needs. You might, for instance, have pets and wish to know what other pet owners believe. It will be simpler to find reviews that are appropriate for your needs if you press Ctrl+F and type “pet.”

5. What credentials do they possess?

Customers praising a carpet cleaner are fantastic, but it is even better when an independent lab has evaluated the carpet cleaner and ranked it on a scale using NASA-created tests. The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) has accomplished this. They examine everything carpet-related, including the substance of the carpet itself and the companies that provide associated services.

Using a standardised test and measurement system, the CRI evaluates the approach and procedure of carpet cleaners. There is a certification given to the top carpet cleaners. They gave a platinum rating to the best among them.

The greatest carpet cleaning service is EcoCleanSolutions, so why is that?

Because we clean with the greatest eco-chemicals at EcoCleanSolutions, our products don’t leave any residue. This is water that has undergone filtering while having a sodium ion molecularly bonded to the hydrogen molecule. It works amazingly well as a carpet cleaner.

Additionally, it will keep your carpets cleaner for a longer period of time and is entirely safe for your family and pets. Your carpets will be clean and ready to walk on in no time if you combine our Eco Collections with our specialised extraction wand.

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Finally, we are not only a platinum-certified service provider and a recognised service provider by The Carpet and Rug Institute; an independent testing laboratory has ranked our cleaning system as the best in the country.