What Are the Key Features to Look for in a Content Management System?

In order to manage, grow, and take our businesses to the next level; utilizing a content management system (CMS) would be an effective digital tool to consider. It’s basically a computer software program or application that you can utilize to add and manage the content on your platform a lot easier. It wouldn’t hurt to learn more about the best features that come with it.

Managing effectively with core functionality

This is extremely important because most CMS designs are a bit sloppy and managing the assets, images, and downloadable files would be poorly handled. You can avoid this if you get one with proper usability and accessibility functions. A system that follows a core functionality approach would allow you to manage, delete, create, edit, and attach anything you want without any issues.

You want it to perform properly and have it aligned accordingly with your business goals. Even if you’re starting small, you need basic functions like search tabs and optimizing the search with filters; as you grow and gain popularity, you’d add more content and would have all the functionality you need to run the platform properly without any setbacks. 

Plugins and third-party integrations 

If you want to transform your content into something helpful, useful, and meaningful, then you should think about a system that allows key integrations to have better results and utilizing plugins to improve your overall content and the layout of your pages.

The marketers and web application designers at Sandcastle-Web.com believe that having a platform that is tailored to your business needs can allow you the luxury of including third-party integrations with the appropriate user interface to save you time and effort.

This can be perfect for improving your CMS experience by integrating with other digital marketing methods like email marketing to streamline your workflow properly and improve productivity and efficiency levels.

The content editor feature

This is probably the most used feature in your CMS system, so it needs to be perfectly designed and have a user-friendly interface so you can add and adjust your content accordingly. It needs to have a wide variety of basic formatting choices to change things based on your preference and style; this includes fonts, colors, modifying images, and a lot more.

You need an editor that allows you to handle any external plugin or asset, but also gives you the luxury of allowing providers or contributors to edit things without changing how they appear. It gives you complete control this way and you wouldn’t worry about the design or layout of the pages steering away from your brand’s original design. This is important for you as a developer or owner to keep everything as you see fit, without giving away too much control to anyone else using the platform. 

Adequate user management

If you think about it, there will be a lot of people who use the CMS platform daily. It would be great if the system was flexible and easy to assign those people the various roles that suit their position and their access limitation. People like the managers, customer support, IT personnel, SEO specialist, or even digital marketers.

As the owner of this business, you’d want to have the ability to assign roles for people and give each person the right permission for using the platform, making it easy for everyone to complete their daily duties. This feature gives people a lot more chances to collaborate better and achieve goals efficiently while using the platform frequently.

Integrating social media

One of the best CMS features has to be the integration of social tools to interact properly with your target audience. This makes things easy for everyone to share your content on various social media platforms, allowing more people to know you and the content you provide.

Sharing buttons and the convenience that comes with them makes your brand awareness a lot stronger; this is because your system encourages people to share your content with their own followers. A proper CMS can format your content to any form to be visible properly on any social media platform and your success would skyrocket with this feature.

Things have changed digitally in many ways to make things easier, so you don’t have to be an expert in tech or web design to have content management systems for your company or corporation. You can have it custom designed for you instead, giving you the flexibility and support that allows you to improve your content tremendously. You can make it better and much more appealing for your users; this can ensure that anyone on any device can enjoy what you have to offer.