Are Delta-8-THC Products Good For Your Health? Find Out Here

By now, a majority of people have heard of CBD which is cannabidiol, an ingredient that is found in cannabis, and some of the benefits it has for both mental and physical health. But besides that, there are products out there that are similar to it that are flooding the market.

One of them is delta-8 (delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol). Yes, you’ve heard of widely-known THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) but is it the same as delta-8? According to some experts, although it’s similar to it, it definitely isn’t the same.

Namely, delta-8 has around fifty percent of the psychoactive effect, unlike delta-9 that has around eighty, which means that you cannot get as high with delta-8 as you can with delta-9. But are there any health benefits? If you want to know the answer to this question, then scroll below to find out!

Top Health Benefits Of Delta-8 THC Products

A Great Antiemetic 

Nowadays, a lot of people are relying on Delta-8 THC whenever they are dealing with vomiting or nausea. It has been known for many years that THC is excellent at preventing vomiting, which is why it comes as no surprise that this version is effective as well when it comes to this.

Furthermore, many were using delta-9 THC to stop or diminish vomiting, however, some of them have stopped utilizing it because they weren’t feeling comfortable with the psychoactive element it has.

Luckily, that’s not an issue with the delta-8 THC variant. It’s a much better solution to employ it as a treatment since it has a drastically lower psychoactive potency. Many studies have shown that it has successfully prevented nausea in children who were suffering from various types of cancer and were going through aggressive chemotherapy treatments. 

It Enhances Appetite 

Although it is known that delta-9 THC has a much stronger cognitive effect when it comes to delta-8 THC, many scientists have confirmed that it is perfect for those who are dealing with a lack of appetite.

What’s interesting is the fact that the appetite stimulation from delta-8 is much stronger than the one from delta-9 THC. If this seems like a great option for you, on the market you can find some of the finest hemp-based THC to help you combat this issue. Furthermore, you can always opt for munchies that contain cannabis, and you will easily increase your appetite. 

Precisely these properties make this THC variant a great aid for people who are struggling with numerous eating disorders, as well as the lack of appetite.

What Are Other Health Benefits?

It Can Help You Relax

Many research has shown that both delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC are great at decreasing anxiety. This may seem strange to people because both of these THC versions can make you high, so you are probably wondering how something that makes you high can relax you at the same time?

As it was previously mentioned, even though the delta-8 variant is similar to delta-9, its antianxiety effect happens during a lessened psychoactive experience. Namely, many users of delta-8 have stated that the use of it leads to a much lighter high that actually improves focus.

Although it is highly likely they will experience a lot of sensations, such as euphoria, happiness, relief, uplifting, and many others, these effects are not as strong as the ones you would feel while consuming delta-9 THC. 

Another great benefit of the delta-8 version is that it can help you get a good night’s sleep, which means that people who are suffering from insomnia can use it as well. Moreover, when delta-8 ties to CB1 receptors, hormones and the neurotransmitters that tie to these receptors become much more accessible, which leads to reduced anxiety levels. 

It’s worth mentioning that THC is excellent at alleviating anxiety, however, people must be extremely careful with the doses, since higher amounts of it can be anxiogenic. What does it mean? It means that it’s not going to decrease your anxiety, but the total opposite.

Fortunately, the situation is significantly different with delta-8 THC. Since it has fewer psychoactive properties, higher doses of it can be taken without worrying that you will trigger panic attacks or anxiety or experience any other side effects that are frequently liked with THC, such as paranoia.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that if you’re scared of using delta-9 THC precisely because of these issues, you can always turn to the delta-8 THC variant.

Even though there will always be people who are going to be skeptical when it comes to THC-related products, as you can see delta-8 THC is extremely safe, plus it offers several health benefits.