Do Electric Bikes Have Gears? 6 Things To Know Before Getting An E-Bike

People choose to cycle for different reasons. Some people use it as a hobby or form of exercise. For those who live in countries where bicycle lanes are well-defined, commuting on a bicycle is pretty much the norm.

In the past, regular bicycles were used. But today, technology has made the bicycle market evolve; it now has electric versions as well. You may have long been keen on your desire to purchase an electric bike or e-bike, with the many benefits it brings.

There will undoubtedly be feelings of confusion if you’ve begun your search for one and gone window shopping. Plus, you may get overwhelmed with all the options for e-bikes to choose from. There’s really so much to learn about it.

Before joining the electric bike craze and jumping right into making that big purchase, here are six things you first have to know before getting one.

1. They Do Have Gears

Generally speaking, many electric bikes have gears, but there are also those that don’t have them. Ultimately, the choice rests on your preference. These gears are used to adjust the speed. You can go to this website to learn more about it.

Instead of gears, electric bikes are powered by what’s known as ‘pedal assist’. With the aid of your e-bike’s battery, the ‘pedal assist’ works to handle different situations, including those where a gear shift is necessary when using a standard bike.

2. They Are Easy To Transport

One of the many questions concerning an e-bike is whether or not it’s easy to transport. To get it straight and settled right from the outset, yes, it’s easy to move around by hauling it in your car.

Many electric bikes are foldable so that in itself speaks of their transportability. To make the most of its transportability, be keen on checking its weight. The more lightweight an e-bike is, the better.

electric bikes have gears

3. They Are Not That Expensive

There are electric bikes that can be expensive. But, remember that the same holds true for regular bikes as well. The price doesn’t differ that much for the reason of it being an electric bike.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you can let that dictate your choice of e-bike. There are many models to choose from, so it’s not impossible to find one that fits your budget. The most important determinant will always be quality, so don’t skimp on this.

4. They Keep The Environment Healthy

This fourth point is worth emphasizing given the doubts surrounding whether or not an electric bike is eco-friendly. Unlike other motor vehicles, e-bikes don’t rely on gasoline or diesel to run. However, they still need charging.

Depending on the city you live in, the commuting situation, and the distance you travel to get to and from work, an electric bike can completely replace your car. By reducing how much gas emissions you make, e-bikes are then effective at keeping the planet healthy.

5. The Warranty Matters

Don’t skip the warranties, as you would with any other purchase. Be sure that you’re purchasing your electric bike from a retailer that offers a good warranty. Because of it, you’ll have that assurance that your electric bike is going to be worth it.

Remember that buying an e-bike is a big investment. It’s reasonable enough to expect a two-year warranty on parts, battery, and motor on electric bikes that are in the USD$2,000 range.

6. Battery Life Is Another Important Factor To Consider

Another important consideration to bear in mind when choosing an electric bike is to assess the battery life. You don’t need to go for the one with the longest life if you’re only going to use it for short commutes anyway. The bike’s battery life only needs to be proportionate to how you’re going to use your bike.

On the other hand, it’s a good habit to practice re-charging your e-bike whenever and wherever you can, once the battery goes lower than 40%. This can give you that assurance and guarantee that your electric bike will be ready for the ride you’re taking it on.


While it doesn’t come cheap, an electric bike will consistently be successful in proving itself to be a good and worthy purchase, particularly for commuters. If you’ve been dependent on your bike, then you’ll certainly love all the advantages that come with using an electric bike instead.

Now that you’re armed with more information about what e-bikes are, you should be feeling more confident about getting yourself one. Choose from a good brand, so your electric bike can take you through years of good and frequent use.