How to Evaluate Content Originality in Search Engine Optimization

Actually, while we are talking about good content, it is very important that you know about the structure of the content being written that is the most acceptable in the eyes of the search engine. To get straight to the point, the content should start with the title just like we have added the title which asks about how to evaluate content originality?

The second important thing is that in a good SEO article is a summary of the article and what the topic will be today and after explaining the summary of the article you discuss the main issue that you are going to address in the article.

After you have done explain the issue you must state some reasons for the problems that will tell you about how and why is the problem Is being caused. Now when you have made a list of the complete reasons, then you must make sure that you think of the solutions and state them in the article after the reasons.

You must talk about the different solutions in detail plus you must conclude the article on a good note. Now, this was the complete structure of SEO friendly content but the more important thing that we are going to talk about today is plagiarism!

How to Check the Originality of Your Content!

As you know that plagiarism has taken over the content world slowly and now it is important that you fight back and save your content from plagiarism. Now before talking about the checking procedure of plagiarism thorough check for plagiarism checker software, we would like you to know about the different means of plagiarism and the types of it that you don’t understand and give a damn about.

Writers usually think that they don’t copy and paste in their content and that is enough for the originality of their content, but you must know that there are other types of plagiarism that you don’t know about!

  1. Intentional plagiarism is the type of plagiarism where you knowingly copy and paste an already published content on the web again with your name. now if you commit this type of plagiarism, then you can easily get suspended from the search engine. Now, this is the most common type of plagiarism.
  2. The second type of plagiarism is accidental plagiarism that you don’t commit intentionally don’t even know about it. This is accused because of the very reason that there are trillions of articles available on the web and there is a possibility that your content can match some part of an already published content. so the check for plagiarism tool will simply reject this type of plagiarism.
  3. The third type is called the self-plagiarism, where you commit plagiarism by just reusing your own content in your new one.

Now you must know that check for plagiarism tools work in such a brilliant way that they can check small phrases and not a whole article for plagiarism and that is the very reason that the content is caught of plagiarism even if you try very hard to dodge even the best plagiarism detector tool.

Using Plagiarism Tools or Plagiarism Checker Software!

First of all, let us name the top check for plagiarism tools that you can use for checking the originality of your SEO content and then you can read for their working method.

  1. Grammarly
  2. DupliChecker
  3. Small SEO tools!

These are the top three tools, and all three of them are web-based applications that you can only use with online connections. You can simply navigate these tools for check for plagiarism on the internet and then you can easily paste your content or upload it from your document gallery, if your content is already published and you want to make sure of its originality then you can make sure that its original by just simply pasting the URL of the page it is published on and the tools will simply run a detailed check on the content for plagiarism.

If your content has plagiarism, then the part which is copied will be highlighted, and you can change it afterwards!