Immediate Steps To Exercise After An Oil Spill

Oil spills at factories or other places do not come with a warning. It can happen any time – when you are busy carrying out several operations at the factory or on the ship. The spilling of oil causes huge destruction on the land as well as in the water.

Oil spills on the land may lead to air pollution. Such oil, if mixed with the ground, may also lead to land pollution. The harmful chemicals emitted out of such liquid take a toll on human health.

Similarly, when the oil spills from the containers carried by ship, it mixes with water and pollutes the same. The water becomes injurious for consumption. At the same time, such water pollution affects marine life, hence destroying it beyond your imagination.

Whether on land or in water, the occurrence of oil spills must be controlled at once. Here are some immediate steps that you must exercise after witnesses any type of oil spill around you:

Identify the substance:

The first immediate action to work on after observing an oil spill around you is to identify the substance. It is imperative to find out all the hazardous substances present and then determine their risk factor. Determine the conditions so present, the handling procedures of the mishap, the amount of liquid, and the potential dangers that the situation may cause to one and all.

Protect yourself:

Some oil spills are not life-threatening and are manageable, while others are not. If the oil leak so caused is not life-threatening, you can start the clean-up with your team. But do not forget to wear all the essential kit or equipment while handling this event. The essential equipment includes Personal Protective Equipment or PPE kit, MSDS sheets, respirators, boots, gloves, goggles, etc. Always maintain this kit in your factory/ship to act immediately.

Stop the oil spill:

You can take measures to stop the oil spill at the source. All you need in hand is the right equipment or products to solve your problem. Today, markets are swarmed with many products to control oil spills and remove the same. Not only this, but you can also explore a variety of organic equipment that removes oil sheen. The latter doesn’t pose any threat to the environment, even after you dispose of it on the ground.

Contain the oil spill:

It is equally essential to limit the spread and exposure of oil leaks by containing the liquid. You can also make sure of liquid filtration products to filter the liquid such as water from oil spills and to further contain the problem. Another effective remedy to control oil spills is the use of sorbent socks.

You can use these products to dike, dam, or divert the spilling of oil, hence containing it to some extent. Do not forget to neutralize the acids and bases at the time of oil spills. Different types of neutralizers are widely available throughout the market. It is a good idea to buy them.

Clean and decontaminate:

Clean the spill using all the spill clean-up products. The environment-friendly products such as absorbent socks, absorbent pads, rolls, boom, etc. are used to fulfill the purpose. Ensure that they are disposed of properly to avoid any further damage. Once you are done cleaning the surface of the oil spill, it’s time to decontaminate.

Remove and dispose of the PPE kit. You can use the products such as an industrial rug, degreasers, and containment berms to decontaminate the area.


Managing oil spills is not very difficult, especially when you are decked up with all the essential equipment and products. Always handle the oil and other liquids with care to avoid accidents.