Your Excellent Options: The 5 Best Flowers You Should Grow in Your Garden

Do you have an extra lot and want to make it your garden or already have a garden but don’t know what to plant? Relax; you are not alone in this situation. We know that gardening has been very rampant these past few months, and many people want to try it. Some of them use it to pass the time, and some want to make it their hobby. Just a heads up, gardening is a fun and healthy activity.

However, there are also people who give up gardening so quickly, mainly because of the wrong plants they choose to grow. With that said, it would be best to plant flowers that are easy to grow and flowers that can live for several years. Furthermore, here are the best flowers you should grow in your garden.

1. Montauk Daisies

If you want a flower that has succulent and thick foliage, then Montauk Daisies are your excellent option. Flowers like montauk daisies are a classic example of plants that are easy to grow and can live for many years. They are the type of flowers that can survive the threat of light frost, and since they are deer and rabbit resistant, it gives additional years to their life span.

With respect to Montauk daisies as easy to grow plants, they are not picky when it comes to the soil, so there is no need for the application of fertilizer. Just ensure, though, that the soil is well-drained. In addition, since they love the heat of the sun, it would be best that when you plant them, you place them in an area where the sun directly hits them.

2. Petunias

Another excellent option to plant in your garden, especially this summer, is Petunias. They come from different varieties based on their sizes. You can choose from Trailing Petunias, Grandifloras, Multiflorus, and Floribundas. Regardless of what variety you choose, ensure that you place them where there is full sunlight and water them regularly to achieve their best potential.

Unlike Montauk Daisies, Petunias would want to have some organic fertilizers on their beddings so they can thrive. When properly cared for, like placing them in a full sunlight location, there is regular watering; they will bloom nonstop for a longer season, even until frost. Besides, the comfort and joy you have with having Petunias in your garden are priceless.

3. Weigela

Weigela is another example of a plant that is low in maintenance. As a result, it is highly favored by most gardeners in the US. Not only that, but Weigela is also the type of plant that you can be proud of. Its bell-shaped flowers that have a pink and white color combination will surely leave your neighbors and friends in admiration.

Weigela is also another type of plant that enjoys the heat of the sun. With that said, you will need to plant them where there is a total sunlight area, same as those mentioned above. However, when it comes to taking care of them, pruning and deadheading are a must. When the leaves start to dry out or die, remove them to keep them healthy and thrive for the next blooming season.

4. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan is a perennial type of flower which means they can last for a maximum of three years if properly cared for. This is an excellent option to plant in your garden if you want a flower that is a head-turner. How? Black-eyed Susan can grow up to 100 cm tall and 45 cm wide with large golden-yellow flowers. Who wouldn’t want a glimpse of that when you pass by, right?

In addition, these flowers are easy to grow. You only need to plant them in an area where there are at least six hours of sunlight exposure, and you are all set. However, to achieve its maximum potential, it would be best that when you plant, don’t just focus on the sunlight exposure but also the soil. They best thrive in moist soil, and if the soil is low in nutrients, you may want to consider adding fertilizers such as animal manure.

5. Sunflower

Sunflower is probably the most common flower each gardener has. That is because of how easy you can grow them and that you won’t spend too much of your money maintaining them. In the early stage, it would be best to sow them first in an unused container to ensure that they’ll grow and survive. After three weeks, you can now transfer them to your garden.

When it comes to maintaining them, there isn’t much to do actually except adding fertilizers, but this is also optional. On the other hand, when there is drought, it would be best to water them regularly until the drought passes to ensure that they’ll survive. Too much of everything is bad. The same goes with Sunflower; too much sunlight with no water can kill them.


There are many easy-to-grow and low-maintenance flowers that you can choose from, and you can never go wrong when choosing them. But those mentioned above are the best ones that you should grow in your garden. With your commitment and proper guidance in planting them, you can attain this.