How Old Do You Have to Be to Gamble in California?

What is the gambling age in California? The twenty-sixth amendment to the US Constitution lowered the minimum age from which Americans were eligible to have votes in elections to 18 years. As a consequence, the age threshold was revised to determine the age of the people’s majority. From that day onwards, a person at the age of 18 is considered an adult.

The dawn of the gambling industry in the States came during this period. So, many American lotteries, most of which appeared after 1971, are designed for people 18+. In most states, to this day, adults are people who at age of 18.

However, there is one significant exception: in all American states, the alcohol permission age is 21 years old. Since casino gaming is usually associated with the availability of readily available alcohol, most states have found it necessary to increase the gambling age when casinos are allowed to be 21+ as well.

All these contradictions in the American laws governing the activities of gambling are reflected in the legislation of California. Listed below are the opportunities for gambling in this state for gamblers 18 years old.

Gambling age in California casino

Indian casinos are the most massive formats of gambling clubs in the States. American legislation is very loyal to the indigenous population and always provides ample opportunities for opening gambling facilities on reservations. Thanks to this, the areas of residence of the Indians have acquired an additional tourist attraction among fans of gambling.

The history of the emergence of Native American casinos is very interesting. In 1975, the leader of one of the tribes, in spite of the state ban, opened a gambling club on the territory of the reservation. The claims from the authorities turned out to be unfounded, as the reservations have their own laws and are not subject to state regulations.

In 1987, the right to open and maintain gambling establishments of this format was enshrined at the legislative level.

Currently, Indian casinos are presented in most states. Their activities are regulated by an organization called the National Indian Gaming Commission, which began operations in 1988. According to statistics, the profit of such gambling objects is estimated at billions of dollars. In the US classification, such gambling houses are labeled as Tribal.

Despite the fact that the American Indian territories in US have the right to some extent independently regulate the gambling age, the prohibition of the sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 21 remains mandatory for them.

Therefore, people 18+ are prohibited from visiting a number of casinos that sell alcohol. Therefore, before planning to gamble, you should inquire about age restrictions. However, the legal age to gamble in California is 18+. Therefore, some Californian establishments are available for eighteen-year-olds. There are about 20 of 63 existing ones.

Casino 18+ in the North of California

Most of that casinos are located in the vicinity of San Francisco and Sacramento. These gambling establishments come in various sizes and offer gamblers a variety of entertainment options. Slot machines and lotteries, card games, blackjack are popular.

Table mountain

This gambling establishment near Fresno offers thousands of slots and more than four dozen gambling entertainments on the gambling tables. There are ten tables for poker. There are several restaurants and clubs in the vicinity of the casino. It is planned to build a hotel in the immediate vicinity of the establishment. In the near future, the casino will be renovated to further improve the interior.

Lucky bear

The area of this casino is 5 thousand square feet. Lucky Bear has hundreds of gambling pleasures to offer. In addition, visitors are attracted by the picturesque area around the gambling establishment.

Elk Valley

The area of this 24/7 casino is 23 thousand square feet. It offers three hundred varieties of slots and eleven table gambling games. A big advantage is the cozy restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the casino.

Casino 18+ in the South of California

There are even more establishments in the south of this state than in the north. And many of them are available for 18+ gamblers. Often casinos are combined with spas here, which gives visitors a double pleasure.


This casino is very close to Palm Springs. This is the optimal combination of an establishment and a spa resort with massage tables and a pool. On an area of about 150 thousand square feet, there are approximately 3 thousand slots, a room for poker and 13 reserve gambling tables.


This establishment in the village of Lemur has two thousand varieties of slots. There is a room for poker with 7 gambling tables. The nearby 255-bed hotel has a spa.

Californian Online Casinos 18+

Online casinos in California have been recognized as legal, often using electronic game tokens or chips. The best example of this is free slots without downloading. The site allows you to play slots without registration.

In the game, they replace the usual money and are recognized as the main gambling currency, which is very convenient and does not cause problems with the law. Sweeps are often used for this purpose.

When withdrawing winnings, the chips can be easily converted into real money. Lucky Land and Chumba establishments use electronic “currency” for gambling. But even to gamble with chips, you must be at least 18+.

Virtual Californian Poker 18+

For many years, poker existed only in smoky bars and noisy casinos. That all changed in the early 2000s when the booming internet turned the entire poker industry upside down.

Nowadays, online poker is a popular card game available only over the Internet. There are many different types of poker and betting sites available for California residents over the age of 18. Special attention should be paid to Global Poker due to the most convenient online resources to play.

Online poker is popular for the same reasons as poker in a real room. It is an addictive mind game and a lot of fun. In poker, the skill of the gambler is of paramount importance – unlike slots or roulette.

In addition, you can play poker online at any time, at any limits, without leaving your home. There are actually a huge variety of types of poker, each of them will certainly have its own variant of betting, bluffing, as well as its own hierarchy of combinations.

The most popular is Omaha Hold’em and No-Limit Texas. In Hold’em, 2cards are dealt to each gambler. The main task: to collect the strongest combination using the starting cards and also community cards are on the board. Hold’em is noticeably easier than many other types of poker, but also difficult to fully master.

Sit & Go poker is popular among gamblers from California. These are small tournaments (one or more tables) that start after a certain number of players has registered. Sit & Go tournaments run around the clock due to high gaming traffic.

DFS for 18+ gamblers in California

Fantasy sports is a virtual game based on real sports competitions and eSports. Fantasy managers (this is how fantasy sports players are called) collect virtual teams of players that bring points for effective actions in real matches – these can be goals, assists and cleansheets, etc. The fantasy tournament is won by the team with the highest total points.

Daily tournaments (DFS) cover matches over a short period of time – they can be single-match tournaments or single-round tournaments. Each round, player prices change dramatically, and managers are assembling completely new lineups. DFS is played for real money and is where the biggest prize pools are drawn.

In the 2010s, there was a boom in fantasy sports in the States, during which the industry turned into a multi-billion dollar industry and took an important place in the life of the main American leagues: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL.

The finals of fantasy tournaments have turned into global live shows with multi-million dollar prizes, professional players have appeared for whom fantasy has become the main source of income, and the vast majority of sports fans have tried to play fantasy for money at least once.

In California, such sports are not prohibited by local law. The most popular applications here are DraftKings, FanDuel, which can be used from 18+. Both gambling sites have initial bonuses. The DraftKings Deposit Guarantee is $ 500. Free credits are also offered on this web resource.


Still, what is the acceptable age to gamble in California? In general, gambling in this state is legal from 18+. However, some bets and gambling-related pleasures are available only at 21+.

Therefore, before choosing a particular gambling establishment, find out the age restrictions.


How to get to a Californian casino?

This can only be done by reaching the age of eighteen. You will need to show your driver’s license or ID to prove your age.

Can I virtually bet at the age of eighteen?

In California, it is allowed to bet online on fantasy sport and racing. When doing this, you must enter your social security and your birth date.

Is sports betting allowed in California for eighteen-year-olds?

Now it is prohibited, but in the future, such bets may become possible in tribal establishments.

Is it possible to gamble for eighteen-year-olds at Indian casino 21+?

Most likely. you cannot get there at the age of eighteen. This is due to the ban on the use of alcoholic beverages under the age of 21.

Where are the more 18+ Californian casinos?

There are several more such establishments in the south, than in the north.