5 Creative Gift Ideas For A Catholic Baptism

The worldwide Catholic population is rising as it counts beyond 1.34 billion in 2019. This number regards 18% of the 7.4 billion global population!

The newness of life welcomes more and more people through Catholic baptism. With baptism, you don’t want to go empty-handed to greet the newly christened catholic.

Are you wondering about what gift to give to a baby who recently got baptized? Well, worry no more, as this guide will go through the top 5 baptism gift ideas to consider.

1. Bible Book Idea

Bibles are among the most famous Catholic baptism gifts. While you can choose the regular bible book to give to a baby or your adult friend, there is a better option. A baby won’t enjoy a standard bible until it’s older, and an adult most likely owns one already.

So when buying a bible for the former, choose a children’s bible with drawings of bible stories. While a personalized bible bookmark for adults is ideal as it’s functional and unique.

2. Cross Necklace

Cross necklaces are also common baptism gifts for both toddlers and adults. They say that wearing one will have you take Jesus with you anywhere and anytime. An adult can wear a cross necklace of any metal or material.

It’s can also be one of the most memorable baby baptism gifts a child receives as they can wear it into adulthood. But there are more creative options suited to babies. A teething cross necklace that babies can chew on is safer and can also be memorabilia later on.

3. Baptism Card

Cards are excellent personalized baptism gifts. These can sometimes last much longer than baptism presents. The baby of today’s baptism may come across your words of care and inspiration years later.

A grown receiver can also ponder on the encouragement your card will bring. Baptism cards will soon remind them of your significant role in their lives. Plus, cards are gifts for all ages, and creating one is not quite hard.

4. Mass Bag

Mass bags may not be as popular as the previous baptismal gifts, but it’s one of the most useful. Mass bags can benefit both an adult and babies.

A mass bag can keep toddler essentials like food and toys to keep quiet inside the church. Their parents can make the most of it by carrying extra clothes for the child. An adult can also use mass bags for Sunday essentials like a bible, notebook, etc.

Choose the best suitable design, and a mass bag’s good to go to the gift wrapping section.

5. Cash

Sometimes, unprecedented events could interfere with your schedule. If you can’t find the time to buy a baptism gift, know that cash is always welcome. Cash is still a good baptism gift you can give, especially if you are the celebrant’s relative.

Discover the Best Catholic Baptism Gift Today

Catholic baptism is a once-in-a-lifetime event to celebrate. This celebration will bring in gifts that will soon remind the celebrant of your love. Whatever you choose to give, as they say, it’s the thought that matters.

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