How to Improve Email Deliverability with the Use of Call-to-Action Phases?

Nowadays every text that focuses on commercial purposes has to contain a lot of important details and parts. If we are talking about the ending of emails or texts in blogs, we shouldn`t omit the call-to-action phrase.

In this article, you find out tips on how to write successful call-to-action templates in your b2b emailing. Let`s fasten belts and dive together into this topic!

What are call-to-action phrases in the b2b email? 

Modern email marketing cannot be imaged without the call-to-action part or CTA in the following paragraphs. This term is defined as a way on how to finalize and instruct the intent of your message. Statistics say that almost 60% of receivers ignore messages that do not contain CTA. Not using it can be a huge mistake because it is a great way not only how to interact with your audience directly but also it makes your emails less obscure. 

If you run an email campaign, one of the main purposes will be to increase the level of interaction with your audience and boost sales. When you don’t use CTA phrases, your email delivery will be just meaningless, and you might lose not only your efforts and time but also financial investments. That is why you have to involve this aspect (CTA) in every message.

Let’s look at the example. Imagine that you deliver a brilliant message to your prospects, and the only thing you pay attention to is to send test spam. Of course, it will be a mistake, because every detail in email content really matters. So, don`t forget about involving CTA clauses and phrases in your content. You will see how a couple of sentences can turn your activity into unbelievable results!

TOP 3 pieces of advice on how to write effective a call-to-action 

Generally, in the process of writing emails, you might face such issues as blocking your messages or marking them as spam. Why does it happen? There are a lot of reasons for it starting with poor email deliverability rates and ending with having spam content.

Even if you do not test your email delivery process and ensure that your email is clear and transparent, unfortunately, your message might never be answered. Why does it happen? The reason for it is very simple – you have omitted the CTA part in your writing.

Call-to-action phrase is a key to great interaction that can strengthen your sender status. It is because you suggest your recipients cooperate with you without using loud and aggressive words.

Your question will be: how to write effective call-to-action messages in email delivery? Here there the top 3 pieces of advice on how to boost your email deliverability through the prism of CTA:

– Using the CTA phrase once in a message;

– Developing your creativity and uniqueness in the b2b emailing;

– Improve your CTA with the use of a/b testing. 

Use the CTA phrase once in a message

When it deals with checking the content quality and defining email delivery issues, the only thing that comes to mind is testing a message with the help of an email spam checker. The best website and software that can guarantee you high quality of service is Folderly` email spam checker tool. It is a product of b2b lead generation company Belkins that has an outstanding reputation in improving email deliverability and giving personal recommendations on how to get rid of delivery issues.

Besides, this spam checker not only defines the reasons why you have been blocked or spammed but also it explores the quality of your emails. So, here, let’s figure out an important part of email – questions! 

Try to put yourself in your prospects` shoes. What would you want to expect from senders? Of course, it is clear and transparent content, expression of respect and a reasonable amount of questions. To the latter we suggest you pay special attention. Try to add CTA phrase once in your whole email content. When you care about your recipients, you are aware of a situation when they can feel a kind of pressure in your email when you ask too many questions. 

Develop your creativity and uniqueness in the b2b emailing 

One of the most important ways to reach the attention of clients is to impress them with your creativity and originality. It deals not only with types of letters, colors, photos or banners, but also your text and especially CTA phrases.

Nowadays marketing vocabulary is overloaded with a wide range of them, for example, «CLICK NOW», «FIND MORE ”, «Got Started Now». Readers are already acknowledged with all these loud and appealing phrases that do not catch their attention anymore. Such words become quite annoying and aggressive for clients, so you won’t get any response by using them.

That is why, we suggest you write every phrase with all creativity and uniqueness. There is a rule in the b2b world: the more you integrate your creativity in the email, the more you will attract sales leads. Try to implement fresh ideas into your content. Replace old and hackneyed phrases with new and creative ones. Be yourself and be unique even in the virtual world.

Improve your CTA with the use of a/b testing

If you want to find your own way of writing successful and effective CTA phrases, do not bypass a/b testing within your email delivery. It is a great method that allows you to understand metrics and find the most appealing CTA that works for you.

We advise you to determine a couple of CTAs that show high interaction with your audience. Then develop to separate b2b email marketing campaigns and implement CTAs within them. It can take up to 2 weeks because it requires to make a research.

After all of it, make a thorough analysis of these processes by asking the following question: «Which email campaign shows a higher level of interaction? (clicking, opening, answering, responding, ordering);

Use Folderly for improving your email campaign 

Developing effective call-to-action strategies is a pledge of a successful email marketing campaign. It requires a lot of points that should be involved such as understanding your target audience and the content of your email.

Do not forget to be as much unique and creative as you can, because the more you implement your originality in your message, the more interaction you will have. Test every new CTA within your email marketing campaigns with the whole realization of prospects` needs.

Undoubtedly, launching these serious processes should be analyzed with the use of Folderly`s email spam checker tool that suggests the best solutions in order to gain high results in cold emailing. All it takes is to visit Folderly website where you will dive into the world of digital email heaven!