How To Know If A Career In Interior Design Is Right For You

Choosing a career path is a tricky feat. On one hand, you may have a passion for one thing. On the other hand, you may be looking for a path that will guarantee your success. The best option is to follow your head and heart towards a specific field and to work as hard as possible to succeed in it.

One of those fields can be interior design, but you may not be sure whether that is truly your path or not. Below there are a few pointers on whether interior design is the perfect fit for you or not.

Do the Research

First of all, you really need to research everything about interior design before deciding the path in which you would like to continue. There is a lot to know about the subject. You can learn from other people as well as through books.

You need to understand that you will not be successful overnight but if it is your passion you will be willing to go the extra mile and know everything there is to know about interior design.

You Have the Will to Study and Get the Degree

An interior designer is not a ‘decorator’. Decorators have a knack for colors and an understanding of how things match. To call yourself an interior designer there is a lot more to it and you actually need to get a degree. There are specialties under interior design as well so with the research you have done earlier you will be able to know which one you want to specialize in. 

To understand more about the specialties and the degree click here as this is a guide to help you throughout this journey. If you are willing to study and get the degree, check out the different universities and what they can offer as some of them can lead to straight to firms.  

You Analyze the Design in Any Home You Enter

Generally, we are always on the lookout for things that we are interested in. For instance, a car enthusiast will analyze each and every car they see and will know whether it was a good decision to put that type of rim on that car or not. A football enthusiast will know which player is fit to play at which point in time.

For an interior designer, you should generally be on the lookout for the type of colors used or furniture in the home you enter. You have a specific vision of the way you want to furnish your own home as you understand the way the colors or materials will interact with each other and the impact they will have on you or the person living in the home.

You Are Okay with Earning An Average Salary

Starting out, as an interior designer, your salary will not be that high, yet that does depend on where you live. The average salary in the States can be about 40-45k a year which is not too bad, but it might limit you to some extent.

With time, however, you can ask for more but that also depends on whether you work freelance, have your own company, or work for someone. Working in niche markets can help you increase your salary, but the frequency or availability of opportunities may be less.

You Like Forming Relationships with People

It does not exactly matter whether or not you are extroverted or introverted, but you do have to know how to form relationships with other people. The good thing about it is that forming relationships with people is a learnable skill that is easily improvable.

With interior design, you need to learn how to deal with tricky clients who want things done a certain way, or with business owners in order to reach your final say or vision.

The business of interior design is not a walk in the park. There are millions of other interior designers that may have more experience than you or have more degrees in the subject. In order to succeed in the field, you will need to keep an open mind to the competition that is out there whilst feeling adamant about being better. You will also need to work on yourself to learn more about the subject and have good relationships with your clients.

Being competitive is half the work. You need to be competitive and willing to put in the effort as well. After all, if this is your passion, then work as hard as you can and follow your dreams.