How To Keep Your Partner Crazily In Love With You

Do you ever wonder why people in relationships seem gloomy over time? If you do, the answer to that would be because love is fading, and the relationship gets boring. How are these things possible? The answer might be a lack of effort.

You see, it is important to know some possible ways in order to turn things around. One way to do that is to step up the effort game. The word effort can go a long way, such as giving your partner a gift, opening a door, remembering special occasions, listening to a bad day, etc. There is more to that than just the acts you thought insignificant.

The bigger question now is how people would be able to keep their partners in love? If you reach up to this point, then you really want to learn how. Here are a few ways that might just save your relationship from peril.

Do Not Lose the Romance

Intimacy keeps relationships intact. Meaning, it strengthens the bond between couples. Almost all people who had been or are currently in a relationship would agree that hugs, kisses, touch, and the act of making love creates a bond like no other.

You do not want to lose this part of your relationship. Despite your busy schedules, take some time to give each other the warmth. You can even step it up by using adult toys such as vibrators or give each other solo toys like dildos and men toys like autoblow.

The bottom line here is that let your partner feel loved through romantic gestures. There is no better feeling than the feeling of being wanted.

Exert An Effort To Be There In The Present

In a world governed by electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and laptops, people tend to be in the same room but not actually present at that moment. Most people these days are into the screens of smartphones and computers, checking on social media platforms.

It is more difficult to be present now than it ever was. You are both in the same room, but one of you is way far in thought. Therefore, make that effort to make your presence felt by turning off that phone or computer and gazing upon your partner. One way or another, this effort will be noticed and appreciated.

Make Yourself More Attractive

One of the best ways to keep your partner interested is to stay gorgeously attractive. Mind how you look in front of your partner. Let him or her see the beauty that you have. You can go get in shape, go to a parlor, do some makeup, get a nice haircut, etc.

Do not be complacent. People tend to disregard these things, especially when the relationship ages. Being comfortable, more comfortable at that, makes some people be okay with mediocre looks. Hence, when your partner finds you unattractive, he or she will get attracted to others more often than not.

Be A Listening Ear

Be the confidant your partner needs to have. Know that you are not just a romantic partner, but you are also the best friend, the listening ear. When your partner had a bad day, listen. When your partner is sharing a really good day, celebrate. Keep giving your partner reasons to love you more by being there.

Take Your Partner On A Date From Time To Time

Your very first date must have been memorable. The excitement and the awkward moments make you want to go back. Thus, going on a date from time to time can do you just that. As the relationships grew longer, dates were rare. Hence, relationships become so dull.

To give your partner a reason to stay crazily in love with you, take the both of you on a romantic date. You might add some gimmicks and surprises.

Dive Into Your Partner’s Love Language

People have different love languages. Some show their love by giving gifts. Some cook good food. Some say reassuring words of love and care—some just hugs and kisses.

You should know your partner’s love language and make an effort to match it with yours. When your partner notices that you are taking an extra mile appreciating how he or she is showing love towards you, then he or she will love you more.


Keeping your partner in love is not easy. However, it is not too hard to find ways to keep the spark alive, either. Remember, keeping a person in your life requires a lot of effort. Do not ever get tired of showing your significant other that you care.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you love someone, make that person love you too. There is no better love than a love that is reciprocated.