7 Greatest Life Lessons Most People Learn Too Late

Young and old, everyone has their own roads to take, the road of life.

It has not always been smooth trips like when you’re traveling through a highway without traffic on a sunny day in springtime. The road of life can be bumpy sometimes; it will give lots of obstacles and challenges.

Haven’t seen or been to hell? Well, life can give you a glimpse.

It’s always easy to say, “forget and move on.” But the truth is, if reality is personified as a human, he will answer you back with “it’s not easy.” Life can be unfair, it would hit you hard and beat you to a pulp, until you accept the life lessons he’s been teaching you.

Life Lessons Most People Learn Too Late

1. People stay and people go

Let’s say you were traveling on an endless road, the night was very dark and only your two headlights are visible.

And then suddenly you saw a stranger and that stranger asked you, “I need a ride, can you take me to (whatever the destination is)” and you answered, “I’m going there too!”

So, you let him in your car, offer him comfort, love, and kindness, in short, you let him into your life. You two became friends and eventually lovers and that made both of you happy.

But as time went by, both of you experienced challenges, you went through life’s trials and you both can barely hold on, so both of you just gave up and stopped being together, you literally part ways.

Someone who used to be a stranger but one day becomes a part of your life, to the point that the thought of not being with them for a few days makes you all worried and uncomfortable, suddenly gone for whatever reason, it happens, this happens, and will still happen, this is just one of the sad realities of life.

You see, life is a highway, some people will leave and give you deep scars and some people will stay with you, share their own goals with you and continue to travel with you on your own road of life.

Don’t chase people away, be an example and attract them, the people who share the same frequency as you will come and find you and they will stay. So, just be yourself and do your thing, just believe and be positive about it.

2. Real happiness is finding your purpose

Have you ever been at that point of life that you literally have no idea what you are doing or what you want to do to make yourself happy?

Happiness can be seen on some small things like petting your dog, buying your favorite author’s book. Happy times are often absolutely fun, but it passes because, like the sunset, time passing is inevitable, so how can you bottle this happiness?

Let me tell you a very basic logic, real happiness is finding your own purpose in life by doing what you love to do and loving what you do.

Who can grant this happiness to you? Well, he’s not the one whom you spend your life with and not the fairy godmother, you silly… the only one who can give the real happiness is You and Yourself, no one else can.

3. Don’t care about what other people think about you

Seriously, seeking other people’s validation and proving to them that you can do what they wanted you to do is a big no-no, take some time to change your mindset. Don’t prove yourself to others because there’s a big chance that you will let them down and get rejections.

Instead, prove yourself to the person you were yesterday, prove yourself to yourself. Just remember that no matter what other people think or say about you, don’t get affected; those words and opinions can’t change anything about you.

Positive feedbacks can be good, but it doesn’t always happen, life can give you rejections, but learn to stand up from the dirt. The best thing to do is to impress yourself and not the one who’s saying you can’t do it.

One thing that makes you better in life is when you decide not to care. Live for the moment and don’t allow yourself to be caught up in drama and be brought down.

“Remember, life is too short to worry about what others think about you.”

4. Take chances

Taking risks can be great.

Have you ever been at that point of life where you wished you’d taken the chances or opportunity of that thing you really wanted to do, but you can’t because of some circumstances but ended up letting yourself down and letting that chance go away?

Regrets hurt far worse than fear. It literally reminds us that we “sucked” at those times.

Live your life as if every day was an opportunity to be awesome and make things happen, take risks and surprise yourself as you remember those times that you took the risk and say, “Seriously? I really did that? Awesome” and just think about how you were not really rejected; you were just re-directed to a different path, with something better that lies ahead.

In the end, we only regret the chance we didn’t take, the relationship we didn’t have and the decisions we waited too long to make.

Take risk. All successful people in life, be it in business or in relationships took necessary risks, think of Bill Gates.

5. Expectations can let you down

One way of appreciating small or big things is to stop expecting.

Real happiness can also be found when you stop expecting things from others or even from yourself, just being proud of what you did is enough.

If your expectation has gone wrong, don’t panic, just take a little time to just sit down for a while, embrace and accept the fact that some things are not always meant to be. One of those things that really hurt us is to feel the loss of the things we never had in the first place.

The most helpful factor for you to grow is to learn from all the experiences you’ve had in your path.

6. Let go of the past

Let it be your habit not to look at the past.

Why? Because it keeps you from seeing the future and locks you in the same mistakes over and over again. Freeing yourself from the negativity of past experiences gives you freedom and the power you need to move forward.

Let go of the past, don’t let it be a burden to your moving on process, but instead, think about the things you want to do in the future and plan those things, not tomorrow, not yesterday, but now.

Instead of having negative thoughts and thinking about how to run away from your problems, why not face it and replace it with a sun-like bright positivity.

All of those who pursue their dreams will experience circumstances that they never expect. Be it good or bad, but the old saying goes, “it’s not how many times you fall, but it’s how many times you stand up when you fall.”

Move forward and always believe, learn from the lessons of the past and achieve victory.

7. Hard work is the key

Take a look around you for a moment, count how many people you think are settling? Maybe a lot of your old friends are settled. They settled into okay relationships, jobs, and an okay life.

Why? Because okay is enough, okay is comfortable, and they are fine with it, but okay is not passionate, there’s no adventure in okay, no life-changing or unforgettable factor in okay.

Okay is not a reason to risk everything for the smallest chance that something awesome could happen.

Life, like I said, can be a terrible monster if you let it slap you in the face and let you eat dirt, but no matter how cruel and unfair life is, you can always win from it, how? By working hard and continuing to move forward. It’s okay to cry over things, but I prefer smiling at them, not because it’s over, but because it happened.

Life is not a race, so don’t rush? Take time to enjoy your life in every little thing, in every little way. Life isn’t always about bad things; life can be beautiful too, because the only person that can control your wheel of life is… yes, you’re correct, “you.”


One life quote I love is from George Bernard Shaw saying, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

Life can be truly unfair, but it is beautiful and the greatest lessons in life are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst, terrible mistakes.

I know it might sound selfish but I believe that we are who we choose to be, and the only person that can give us enough of everything and know what we really want is ourselves. You’ve got to fight for it, be passionate about it.

The real purpose of life is to live it. Live it with passion, positivity, hardship, strength, risks, faith and love.

What life lessons would you add to this list?

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