How Soon Is Too Soon to Be Living with a Sugar Daddy?

If you’re like most sugar babies, you’re into sugar dating because of the sheer amount of freedom it gives you when it comes to your love life. For starters, casual dating is a popular, entirely socially acceptable option among sugar daters, so there’s never any pressure to commit to anyone when you’re not ready or don’t want to.

But there comes a time in every sugar baby’s life when she finds herself seeing someone truly special – someone who has her thinking differently about forever. When you find a sugar daddy like that, it’s only natural for living together to come up at some point. But how soon is too soon to be living with a sugar daddy? Here’s a look at what you need to consider before taking the plunge.

It should be something you both want

Although most sugar daters tend to have a less-traditional approach to dating and relationships than most as it is, it’s still important to make sure you actually want to move in with your sugar daddy. You should never let a partner (or anyone else) pressure you into making a commitment you don’t want or feel ready for.

No, moving in together isn’t as big a step as getting married or having children, but it’s still a huge deal that should be taken seriously. Living together can be awesome, but only if both people really want it.

Unpack your reasons for doing it

Once you and your sugar daddy have both determined that you’re equally excited about the idea of living together, it’s time to dig a little deeper into why you each want to do it. As with any other important decision, there are good reasons and bad ones for deciding to share living space.

The right reasons are emotional in nature – because you genuinely see a future together and see living together as the logical next step in your journey toward that future. Poor (but common) reasons for moving in together include convenience, financial relief, and other similar examples that sound more sensible on paper than they really are.

Make sure you agree on where to live

Agreeing on whether to move in together and why is a good start. But you also want to make sure you agree on where you’ll live and that choosing one option over another won’t paint you into a corner if things don’t work out between the two of you.

Is your sugar daddy expecting you to move into his place, or will the two of you be looking for a new place together? If it’s the latter, will the new location actually be practical when it comes to your needs? Is it close enough to work, school, loved ones, and favorite places you like to go? Can you actually picture yourself living happily there? Factors like these are absolutely crucial.

Decide what living together will look like

Living together has a way of quickly showing two people whether they’re actually all that compatible, so you really need to make sure you agree on what living together should look like in practice. For example, who will be paying for your living expenses? Does your supportive sugar daddy plan on covering it all, or does either of you prefer that you pay your fair share?

Make sure you agree on how household responsibilities, meals, whether to have pets, and factors like entertaining or houseguests will be handled. Don’t wait until you’re locked into a lease or otherwise without options to find out your partner’s lifestyle choices and preferences aren’t compatible with yours.

Discuss what you’ll do if you break up

Granted, this might not feel like the best way to step into the future with a sugar daddy you love and hope to spend the rest of your life with. But that doesn’t make it any less important to discuss. Thankfully, most sugar daters are used to talking about things that make other people uncomfortable, so hopefully, it won’t be an issue for you and your sugar daddy.

If you and your sugar daddy break up or otherwise decide living together isn’t working, know in advance what the plan is, and get it in writing. For example, if you’re moving in with him or getting a place together, will you be expected to move out if you split up? And if so, how long will you have to do so? What (if any) obligations to one another will you each be expected to fulfill if things ultimately don’t work out?

At the end of the day, moving in with a sugar daddy is just like any other super-important decision you’ll ever make. The better you plan for every possibility, the more likely it will be to turn out to be a wonderful decision you’re glad you made. You’ll both be glad you took the time.