Luxury Sneakers for Men: An Accessory Synonymous with High Fashion

Originally born as trainers, over time sneakers have become legends and synonymous with style, character and freedom.

A must-have of the modern man, they are not only indispensable protagonists of men’s clothing of all ages and backgrounds, but also represent true luxury accessories, so much so that they are now constantly paraded on the most important global high fashion runways.

While today luxury sneakers mens are now a dominant trend in every part of the world and staple of the most important Maisons of Haute Couture, their origin comes instead from the street and the world of sports.

Origins and history

The very first sneakers in history date back to the 16th century, when Native Americans began using latex to protect their feet. In the more modern era, it is England that contributed to the birth of the original latex-soled sneaker, made by the process of vulcanization to make it more durable.

This model, initially used by English aristocrats for outdoor sports, became first the quintessential sports shoe and then a worldwide mass phenomenon, depopulating the urban culture of the time after some athletes wore them during the 1896 Athens Olympics.

In the 1950s sneakers took on the role of a symbol of the rebellion of that time, and then became the absolute protagonists of unique and increasingly iconic collections signed by famous sportsmen, designers and artists.

From that moment on, these shoes were worn not only for sports, but also in everyday life and as an accessory for more distinguished looks, so much so that everyone had a pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. Little by little, given this enormous popularity, they attracted the attention of top designers who, after ignoring them for a long time, gave birth to couture sneakers, to be paired with office suits and elegant dresses.

Today, men’s luxury sneakers, developed with unique style, fine materials and innovative design, are a status symbol, a prerogative of the collections of high fashion brands and a sought-after accessory for fashion lovers.

Characteristics and uniqueness

Just like sports shoes, luxury sneakers for men also have rubber soles and comfortable and practical fit. What distinguishes these shoes is first of all the exclusivity of the materials and the craftsmanship with which they are made, a symbol of the Italian textile tradition that has made the history of fashion, and then the utmost attention to details and finishes and the elegant and prestigious design.

From the most classic lines to innovative and contemporary models, more and more high fashion Brands are including in their collections iconic and inimitable creations in limited editions and at very high prices and bringing to the red carpet special editions and rare sneakers that become immediately unobtainable and represent the forbidden desire of a large part of the population.

Trends of 2024

The fashion runways have decreed which men’s luxury sneakers will take center stage in 2024. First of all, experimentation with new colors and new materials (primarily sustainable ones) has given rise to eye-catching and unusual models, such as metallic sneakers, those embellished with crystals or those in lambskin and calfskin.

Ample space is then given to collections with a convex and super street aesthetic: we are talking about futuristic and dynamic high-impact shoes with bold and defined lines, thick soles and three-dimensional design.

Great affirmation, on the other hand, is that of the Gorpcore sneakers launched in 2023, a mix that combines technical mood, hiking shoes and haute couture and gives a raw and spartan appeal to the looks. The running aesthetic will also once again be a trend and respond to the modern man’s growing need for freedom and comfort.

We also say yes also to simple and understated sneakers, with total white as the predominant color and perfect to match with any outfit.

Finally, the latest fashion shows have also completely cleared the sneakers for important occasions and prestigious ceremonies, making them 100% bon ton and couture and creating models that immediately became highly sought after among stars and celebrities: for example, Baroque-style sneakers, minimal ones with very few details, and tennis-inspired models perfect for lovers of the daddy cool style.