What Is More Important Than Beauty In Attraction

If you have ever fallen in love, you will probably agree that most often than not it is difficult to explain why we liked that particular person. And while today everyone seems to be focused on appearances, when truly confronted with a question, very few would say “because he or she looks good”.

In reality, there are dozens of factors that influence the partner’s attractiveness to us besides his or her face or body characteristics. You can wander any website looking for someone who will correspond to all your parameters of a perfect match, but it will certainly never guarantee you the “chemistry”, which is necessary for a happy romantic relationship.

Voice, smell, and tactile-kinesthetic factors

There is little doubt that we can exchange chemical signals and understand whether we find the smell appealing or not. This is proven by daily practice and the vast perfumery market. Moreover, various studies show that, at least on a basic level, smell lets a person’s brain recognize a specific individual. Thus, the smell helps us choose the right partner for healthy procreation, even if we don’t think about it at all.

The same is also true about the sounds we hear, including the voice of another person. Intonation, timbre, hardness or, on the contrary, softness and aspiration – all those aspects play a crucial role in forming a deep connection between two people.

Just like in the bird and animal world, where the listener can determine the size of the body and the intentions of another creature by frequency, timbre and sound vibrations, people are able to associate the voice with certain body sizes and other parameters.

One shouldn’t neglect tactile contacts as well. From very birth, we touch many objects. Thanks to touching, we can understand what material the thing is from. Find out what temperature, structure, density it has. Something like this happens with a person.

A tactile contact is a form of communication that helps convey information directly through physical contact with another person. Moreover, since our skin is rather sensitive, touching it by another person can cause a variety of emotions, from negative to positive, helping us realize whether we are attracted to the person or not.

Self-confidence and openness to life

In order to convince a person that you are beautiful and extraordinary, you should first believe in it yourself. This does not mean at all that one needs to become arrogant and look down on others. The main thing here is to accept life as it is, and yourself as you are. See the beauty in your own imperfections, know your strengths and value them, as well as clearly realize your fears and doubts and accept them.

No matter what your background is, what previous experiences made you feel disappointed in men, relationships or even love. Regularly smile in the mirror and despite anything allow yourself to be a little child: have fun, fool around. People are usually attracted to those who love life, and are able to appreciate the positive aspects, rather than focusing on negativity.

Always remember that there are definitely hundreds of people who will enjoy your company, even share the same problems. You can follow this link, or check out other similar dating websites to see that the world is full of people with versatile stories and experiences.

They remember all the difficulties they faced and overcame, but respect themselves for being resilient, and don’t let anything take away their openness and sincerity to other people, which is vital not only for attracting others, but for building strong, long-term relationships as well.