How To Effectively Optimize Space In Small Homes Or Offices

If you own an apartment or paying rent monthly, you should make the most out of your space. However, doing so means lots of clutter. When space is limited, it is nice to be resourceful and make use of what you have. Here are some tips to optimize space in a small area of your home or offices. 

Clear Hallways

Resist the temptation to fill up every cranny and little nook when attempting to maximize every space at your home or office. Sometimes the best thing you can do is be minimalist and leave the area empty and less crowded. It is a perfect idea if you have narrow hallways.

Most of the time, people are obsessed with fitting tables, benches, and other accessories into hallways that don’t make sense. It causes clutter inside the room and gives a feeling of having a small space. Avoid putting too much pressure on the areas of your home or office. Remember that hallways are there to help you move freely from one place to another. 


Clutter is one of the single best narrowing forces when it comes to space. It hoards most of the area of a room and makes it very difficult for you to enjoy and relax at your home. To simultaneously make each space of your home functional and to maximize space, clutter has to go. Take a look inside the room, keep an eye on that clutter that you need and do not need.

If you found something that doesn’t give purpose to space, it’s either move it or get rid of it. If you have valuable stuff and don’t want to throw it away, one thing you can do is to secure self storage.

Another thing you need to practice is thinking-through when buying something that may consume space at home. One can lessen the clutter when the influx of possession is under control.

Lighting Illusion

An optical illusion has become part of any home design that many are still applying it up to this day. One of the most used illusions in any home to make it look bigger is placing the lightings from different angles.

According to some home experts, there are a lot of ways and techniques you can apply lighting to your room that will make you think that you have a bigger space. Rooms appear more spacious when the eyes are drawn upwards. To do this, try putting lights high up in the room. You can use a simple tall lamp, wall sconces, or overhead lighting.

Another tip to make your room look bigger with lighting is to use bright colors and instill curtains so natural light can go in. 

Install Shelves

Installing shelves and using corner furniture is a great way to optimize space. These shelves can be useful as you may store things like books, ornaments, plants, or even foods. There are also different shelves you can choose from, like glass, floating shelves, corner shelves, minimalist, etc. Having these shelves are space-efficient because it is usually attached to the wall and doesn’t demand much of the space. 

There is always a need for more spaces in every home to make it feel more inviting and welcoming. You can stop pondering how small the space you got and start thinking outside the box. Maximize your space by choosing the right multifunctional types of furniture and accessories and design to put in.