How Has The Pandemic Changed Our Lives?

The pandemic has swept around the whole world affecting the lives of millions of people. It has resulted in a lot of change in the way people are going about their daily activities, most of it is halted leading a lot to confinement and sudden sedentary life.

The news is filled with how the world is badly shaken by this epidemic no one has really been prepared for. As everyone is yet to see the end of this crisis, people are already experiencing great shifts in their daily lives in so many ways. 

Everyday Life

It will still take a while before people can go back to their normal lives. In fact, most people are already claiming that life after this pandemic is nothing like it was before, hence the term “new normal”.

Most people have found themselves in quarantine, with some areas with imposed lockdowns. Schools are closed and students have no choice but to take a home-based alternative or an earlier vacation. Employment has also seen its worse due to a lot of offices closing down in favor of working from home.

Almost all leisure activities are suspended and you wouldn’t even be able to dine at your favorite restaurant because most of them are closed. Even malls and recreational parks are closed. Adding to this is the fact that any travel plan via airplane is canceled. 

Health Precautions

Whether it’s panic buying tissue and alcohol supplies in stores or hoarding vitamin Cs and other food and grocery items, most people now are more conscious of their hygiene, diet, and lifestyle. It is recommended to maintain a strong immune system to fight off this deadly disease.

People now go gaga over handwashing so often and you wouldn’t see anyone walking freely without a mask on. These health precautions have been so common with the addition of other PPEs, as seen on, to further strengthen the protection against the deadly virus.

Since there is no cure or vaccine yet, people have to be proactive in protecting themselves and their families while waiting out the situation. For now and the coming months, the safest way to protect yourself is to wear a face mask and washing often. 


Most people now are only connected through virtual and digital means. Parties and get-togethers are not allowed and social distancing is imposed in a lot of places. Even meetings are held online through different apps that make this possible.

Families have seen themselves confined at home for the longest time without the possibility of going someplace for vacation. People have been beginning to experience a different way of life as a result of these challenging times. 

No one is sure when the problem will get resolved but life, as we all know it has changed, indefinitely. People are in the midst of a situation they have never imagined to happen and are striving to adjust. With everything going on, enduring all these changes is essential to protect ourselves and our family from the problem.