Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

Imagine that you and your partner, hand by hand, are stepping into your dreams wedding venue; you both are fascinated by the hall’s magnificent style and decoration. Literally, a dream has come true. That’s a very optimistic scenario all bridegrooms wish for because deciding on a wedding hall has never been that easy.

Every couple has suffered from finding the perfect venue for a wedding, and they have no idea what to do and how to pick the ideal one. So, how about we guide you through every step to find your dream hall? All you have to do is read and apply the following tips; then, you’ll be able to enact the scenario mentioned above.

Read online reviews about the wedding venue

Before adding any venue to the “probable venues” list, you should first check its reputation in addition to newlywed experiences. It would help if you looked for online reviews about the venue—for example, the space, catering, staff, services, amenities, etc. You’ll get a clear vision of the wedding venue because people are usually willing to share their happy or horrible experiences about such a special occasion.

Ensure you’re reading the latest reviews, not outdated ones from a couple of years ago. Since then, the venue might have changed a lot, for the better or, the worse. Read as many reviews as possible, then decide accordingly if that wedding venue is worth a place on your list.

Actually, reviews aren’t only readable; they’re hearable as well! Arrange a meeting with a friendly couple whom you’ve read their opinion about the venue. An in-person meeting will help you eliminate any concerns and get a clear answer to all your questions. Furthermore, you might also benefit from their mistakes and get inspired by their innovative wedding venue ideas!

Consider your wedding venue budget

Establishing a realistic budget is the first and most crucial step all couples should take before planning their wedding. A wedding budget influences key decisions like the venue, catering, decorations, and others. 

In fact, the average wedding venue cost always has the largest share of the nuptials budget, no matter how humble it is. “On average, surveys show that couples will typically spend roughly $5,000 to $15,000 on their wedding venue rental.” 

Figure it out as soon as possible and do your wedding venue research accordingly. You don’t want to fall in love with a costly venue you can’t afford. It’s alright to be generous when it comes to booking a venue. But, that doesn’t mean going over your budget and forgetting about the rest of the preparations. 

Book an appropriate venue that’s reasonable for both your budget and aspirations. However, many affordable venues became available recently, and throwing a luxurious wedding on a budget is no longer impossible.

Does the venue match your theme?

The wedding theme is all about how to personalize your event and set its tone, whether in terms of colors, decorations, or even catering and menu options. So, the theme you have in mind should apply to the wedding venue you choose.

The truth is, selecting a theme earlier in the wedding planning process helps create the overall appearance and feel of the entire event. In addition, it narrows down the possible venue options. 

For example, if you want to have a rustic wedding, an exquisite venue or a five stars hotel isn’t the best option to select. Or, if you’re planning a modern tropical theme, you should go for an outdoor wedding venue, not an indoor one.

So, give the probable venues a tour to get an insight into whether your wedding style fits or not. However, even if the venue isn’t entirely suitable for the theme you want, some wedding venue ideas, arrangements, and customized additions will do the job.

The surrounding area & accommodations

When choosing a venue, looking at the hall from the inside isn’t enough to make a decision; you should take an overall look at the surrounding areas outside; they’re a key factor to consider before you say yes to the place.

Usually, most wedding halls are accessible, and people won’t have trouble entrancing themselves. A little caution won’t hurt, walk around and examine the site from all directions.

On the other hand, if you’re more into an out-of-the-box wedding and thinking about hosting your big day in an unusual site like a barn or a backyard, you have to be more careful because such places aren’t always easily accessible. Moreover, if the wedding venue is outside the city, you need to consider proper and near accommodation for everyone, so they show up on time, without difficulties.

Parking options

Not only do guests need accommodations, but their cars also do. Your site must have parking options: an adequate number of parking lots or valet service. Parking facilities is an essential question to ask the wedding venue when you visit any potential spot. Check the parking costs, whether free, included in the contract, or charged. Although it might be an additional expense to the average wedding venue cost, you’ll guarantee guests will feel comfortable and arrive at ease.

Convenient parking isn’t just for the guests, as it would also affect the food quality. If you hire a third-party catering company, accessible parking will guarantee the food arrives fresh and hot at the appointed time.

Available vendor options

Vendors are the dream team, and this group of people will help make your ideal wedding a reality. A professional team of vendors should be selected with the utmost care and thorough research.

Some venues for a wedding have made the job easier for couples. They have their own in-house team, and it’s the only available option. They don’t allow the hosts to hire any third-party service providers. Whether it’s a caterer, event planner, bartender, setup and cleanup team, or a band. They prefer their in-house team to supervise all the wedding activities.

On the other hand, many venues for a wedding are flexible about external vendors. They have a complete team of photographers, wedding planners, caterers, etc. But, they are open to your list.

So, if you have particular preferences for your special day, this is one of the most important questions to ask the wedding venue. Discuss this issue with the venue manager to get an idea about how flexible they deal with such matters and if they welcome other vendors or not.

Tip: Sometimes, people think that in-house teams are not as good as external third-party vendors. However, this isn’t always true, and it depends on the venue and their standards. In fact, their in-house team might be the best available option. Our tip is always to be open to new ideas and suggestions from the wedding venue management.


Picture your life forty years after the wedding. In a family gathering with your children and grandchildren, your wedding celebration and pictures will be the sitting talk; this talk should be interesting because the event is unrepeatable, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime, and no matter how long you live, all that’ll be left for you and your partner is some old pictures and a bunch of memories.

Make sure these moments are worth remembering by choosing the perfect wedding venue. That isn’t impossible, and great venues are all around. Read our tips and follow our lead, and you’ll be able to recall every detail about that special day, even if your hair turns gray.