Tips to Pleasing an Older Girl: Is It Genuine or Not

Dating older women and men has become more popular over the past few decades. This trend is somewhat taboo in some cultures. Others smirk when they see young men dating older women, while others frown upon seeing young women with older men. The reality is that not everyone is a gold digger.

Some women simply prefer their men younger. It could be because they are more energetic. Other reasons include a youthful look and approach to life. Whatever the reason for dating younger men, there are always challenges to be conquered.

Dating Older Girls

Pleasing older girls requires finesse, not excess energy. Young men don’t need to brainstorm how to please older girls or potential mates. Eliminate immature habits and you will be okay. Upon finding an older girl on you may face challenges knowing her desires. This is nothing extraordinary as other men face the same hurdles every day.

 Here are some surefire ways to please an older girl and know if it is worth it.

1. Focused Conversations

Focused conversations imply talking with purpose. For instance, you should focus on her rather than talking about you. It also means avoiding personal questions unless she seems ready to open up. Older girls have met enough boys to know when you simply want sex.

It won’t take long for her to realize you are wasting her time, or yours. On that note, you should focus talks on what you seek, and what she wants too. That way, everyone is on the same page and faster. Younger girls might enjoy playing games but older women have less time for that.

2. The Physical

Older girls don’t shy away from revealing when they need sex.  When mature girls seek sexual gratification they don’t beat around the bush. If you cannot perform, they move on. You need to be prepared to perform or leave her alone. The relationship will be real; and intense.

Older girls also teach you how to pleasure them. It might be the best sexual encounter you ever have. As you please her (according to her specifications) you learn a thing or two about women. It is a win-win situation and younger men should feel privileged. As opposed to finding it awkward or humiliating to be taught, you should embrace it as a cheat sheet for future dates.

3. Dates

If you plan spontaneous dates, your older girlfriend or mate will be pleased. Dates should be picnics, home-cooked meals where you are the chef, or at the very least private booths. The idea is to avoid bars and clubs and focus on one-on-one meetups. The more intimate the rendezvous the better she will feel.

Additionally, men dating older women need to be compassionate and help when they can. Focusing on her more than you show selflessness and compassion. Boys focus on their needs rather than their partner’s needs. Men have more love to share and thus, they cater to their women’s needs.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid treating older girls like sexual objects, unless they want it that way. An older woman has lots to offer. Older girls or single mothers are not promiscuous. 
  • Don’t go overboard when trying to please older girls. Keep things simple concerning attire, date venues, and conversations. It is better to have to level up than going overboard and becoming a nuisance.

Bottom Line

Older girls seeking younger men are a dime a dozen if you seek them on new-age dating sites. These ladies have lots to offer young men if the men would simply listen. Further, older ladies are less stressed as they know what they need. Their relationships with younger men are as real as can be.