7 Unique Reasons to Visit Paris: The Magical Cities of Europe

Paris and its attractions are always on the beat list of every ardent tourist and traveler. The city indeed looks and feels incredible, no matter whether it is your first trip or one of those countless trips to the magical cities of Europe. Did you know that there is a lot more to Paris than the picture-perfect Eiffel Tower or the banks of the Seine River and the fresh croissants?

Well, it is time to explore those hidden gems of Paris and discover lesser-known spots in the back streets of the city. If you are worried about storing your luggage as you explore the offbeat parts of the city, well, do not worry as LuggageHero can take care of all your needs and take care of your baggage.

Here are some good reasons to visit Paris again and create some special memories of the city one more time.

1. The Flea Markets

Explore some of the unique flea markets of Paris, and Les Puces at Clignancourt is a good name, to begin with. The market attracts not just Parisians but visitors from all over the world who come here looking for a fascinating experience shopping at those boutiques, stalls, and showrooms. Some other flea markets are Porte de Vanves Flea Market and Marché du Livre Ancien et d’Occasion.

2. Amazing Street Food

The street food in Paris is as delightful as dining in a swanky fine place. Those culinary delicacies are sure to pamper your taste buds and leave you salivating more as you dig in those eclectic blends of unique flavors and tastes.

The street food spread includes varieties like deliciously thin Crepes, fish and chips, a cheese platter, classic and sweet Gelato in mindboggling flavors, and a lot more.

3. An Amazing Balloon Ride

Head for Parc André-Citroen Park to soar up in the skies and get ready for a hot air balloon ride. Do not miss the chance to get a unique perspective of the city from high above. For your information, this is officially the biggest hot air balloon in the world!

4. Some Unusual Places

Walk away from the popular sights in Paris and head for the more unusual side of the city. All you need to do is explore the quaint neighborhoods of the city and enjoy looking at sights like La Maison Rose and Montmartre.

5. The Green Spaces

Paris is often criticized for its lack of proper green spaces, unlike London or New York. However, if you look carefully, you can find some dense woodlands in Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne. These vast green spaces were former hunting ground for the royal and boast of mini-golf courses and landscaped gardens.

6. The Used and Antiquarian Books

Explore the Paris bouquinistes that are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites and often known as the river that runs between two bookshelves. The bookworms will feel as if in heaven as they browse through the vintage books, posters, and cards with the antique book shops.

7. For a Cultural Experience

Some of the coolest neighborhoods of Paris are getting popular by the day, and it is because of the cosmopolitan character of these neighborhoods in Belleville. Here you will come face to face with a dizzying array of cultures such as Chinese supermarkets, Tunisian restaurants, African stores, and French cafés.