Revamping Your Home to a More Mature Look

Whether you rent or own your home, you should be able to transform it into a space that feels like you. If you’ve been living in the same place for a while, you might have a different sense of style today than you did just a few years ago. It’s normal for your personality to change as you get older, and you might be interested in a more mature look for your living space. If you are looking for expensive look furniture and decor at affordable prices, check Home Essentials discount vouchers at Latest Deals.

Thankfully, revamping your home to make it fit a more mature style is easy. You can strip away some of the “old” items that might be giving it a younger feel, and keep a timeless design in mind that will continue to reflect your personality and values for years to come.

Not sure how to get started? Let’s cover a few home improvement ideas that will not only align with your mature sense of style, but how you can really transform your space to make you happier and to make any house feel more like a home.

Out With the Old

The first step in revamping your home to fit your current style is to get rid of anything that doesn’t reflect who you are at this stage of life. We’ve all been there – going through the experience of tearing down posters, getting rid of furniture, and repainting the walls with more neutral or moody tones because bright pink doesn’t exactly reflect maturity.

Start with a clean slate by giving everything a good cleaning. Some areas can be more stubborn than others. For example, you might have old band or sports stickers on your fridge that feel like an eyesore now. To remove stickers from your refrigerator, use soap and warm water to gently rub them away. If the stickers aren’t oil-based, loosen and peel away easily.

Decluttering can also help you feel a lot better as you tackle this big project. Consider creating different “piles” for yourself to stay organized. Designate one pile for donations or items you want to sell, and one pile for things you’ll throw away. Everything you want to keep will either remain in place or can/should be repurposed.

In With the New

Once you’ve gotten rid of the things that don’t fit your style anymore, you can really start to have fun with your transformation. The best part? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it happen. Easy additions that can make your home look more grown-up and elegant include:

• Crown molding;
• Dramatic paint colors or soft hues;
• Throw pillows;
• Window treatments;
• Unique hardware finishes;
• Upgraded lighting.

Even adding wallpaper to certain areas of your home can make it feel warmer and more pulled together from room to room. These are all things you can do yourself without having to hire anyone for the job.

At the end of the day, remember that you should focus more on your personal style than what’s “on trend”. While it’s great to look at design trends for inspiration, think about what you’ll enjoy for the next few years. Trends come and go, but what you decide to do should be something you can live with for quite a while.

Making Yourself at Home

Whether you live in an apartment or house, there are plenty of perks to revamping it. For starters, if you live in a small space, you can make it feel bigger by getting rid of clutter, taking advantage of light and color, and focusing on the functionality of each room. Natural lighting can also make a room feel bigger and brighter. When you don’t feel as crowded and cramped in your home, you’ll be more likely to relax.

There are also many home improvement ideas that will not only work with your style but can help you lead a happier life. Your home should feel like a sanctuary, after all, and small fixes can make a big difference. Some of the easiest ways to improve your quality of life at home include redecorating, setting up a home office space, dedicating a room to be your “happy space” filled with design elements that will improve your mood, and thinking outside your four walls by starting a garden.

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space or you live in an apartment, consider bringing the outdoors into your home and become a “plant parent”. Creating a miniature jungle in your home can help to tie every room together and add a lot of warmth and life to any space. Plus, plants can help to reduce stress and improve air quality within your space.

Your style changes with time, and your home should change with it. Keep these tips in mind to give your living space a more mature look, and you’ll feel more comfortable every time you step through the front door.