The 5 Technologies You Need To Use For A Simplified Life

If you live in this modern era, it means you’ve accustomed yourself to the endless technology at work, home, and in your social life. Truthfully, technology makes your life better, simpler, and more exciting. What you couldn’t do remotely is now accessible in just a few clicks, and to top it off, technology only seems to get better and diverse.

You might reckon that without technology, your life would be a lot harder and complicated. Imagine having to be at more than one place at once and doing everything yourself! It’s simply unimaginable. That’s why you should use all the technology accessible to you to make your life better.

You probably love to take snaps of yourself and your friends or videos at events. Since you intend to share these snaps on your social media platforms, you need excellent quality and edgy pictures. One of the best tools to use for such results is a drone. On this site you can browse the different kinds of drones and choose your most preferred drone.

While all technology is beneficial to you, you don’t need to use every one. Only use the relevant ones to help you with your daily activities and ultimately simplify your life. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Voice Assistants

You can use voice assistants for several purposes, but these two stand out; to help you use complicated apps and access your social media. 

Using social media for your business requires a hands-on approach to the constant posts, replies, and updates. A voice assistant on your laptop and phone can help you navigate your various social accounts for efficiency. 

On the flip side, voice assistants are useful for your daily needs like shopping. Considerably, shopping online can be an intricate process – what with browsing, checking prices, using promo codes and checkouts. Consequently, it’s okay to circumvent these steps by using a voice assistant.

In this case, you’ll only need to speak to your virtual assistant, and she’ll do everything you command. This option is convenient because it allows you to multitask. Moreover, you won’t need to click and scroll repeatedly. Just speak, and your virtual assistant will do the rest.

Other than the complicated apps, voice assistants are great for simple online activities. Evidently, you can open and use YouTube, music apps, gallery apps, and others by simply asking your voice assistant to do so. 

Program your voice to your device, so that your voice assistant can recognize you when you speak to her. You can open, close, switch and mute your apps without touching your device.

This way, you don’t need to use effort to maneuver your devices. You don’t need to spend a lot of time scrolling through different apps. Your voice assistant will do everything for you so you can focus on other demanding tasks.

Popular voice assistants are Amazon Alexa, Iphone’s Siri, and Google’s Google Voice. All are available on their respective devices. 

2. Drones

Nothing simplifies your life more than drones, especially if you’re a virtual media enthusiast. Taking pictures and videos requires skills, dedication, and attention to detail. However, doing so with your phone or camera can limit the quality and customization of your shots.

Drones have several qualities that make them excellent for photography, such as; stability, control of shoot footage, parameter customization, among other attributes. If you intend to take aerial shots of an area or in an event, it’d be best to use a drone. You will have better control over the images you take.

Switching from phone cameras to drones will have your social media or blog buzzing with new likes, shares, and comments. Don’t be shocked if you become an overnight sensation because of your edgy and riveting photography.

The best part is that drones are suitable for both new users and experienced users. The control manuals are so easy to interpret you’ll not have a difficult time operating your drone. 

Other common uses of drones are for home improvement and delivery. You’d be surprised at what you find out about your property through a drone. There are things you just can’t notice through onsite inspection; you need an aerial view to get a bigger picture. As such, you will see urgent home improvement actions like roofing and imperceptible damages that you wouldn’t have. 

As for delivery, if you’re not up to it, you can always ask your voice assistant to look up shopping sites with drone deliveries. A drone will deliver your orders right to your doorstep. Hence, promoting safety and security to yourself and your orders.

3. Smartwatches and Fitness Incentives

Exercise is an essential part of your life and can help you avert illnesses and future health complications. Hence, it would be best if you had the motivation to work out because it’s never easy, and you won’t always be up to it.

Consider buying a Fitbit to help you keep track of your workouts. For example, a Fitbit can count your daily steps, monitor your heart rate and your breathing so you don’t overexert yourself while working out.

Also, your Fitbit can monitor how many calories you burn in a day or a given period. So, you’re not only using it for your fitness but as an incentive to motivate you.

Additionally, there are other purposes of a Fitbit that culminate in a healthier lifestyle. You can do more with a Fitbit than just track your exercises. You can sleep better with the available sleeping sounds and also track your sleep patterns for future improvements.

If you love meditating, a Fitbit has meditation sounds that will reinforce your meditation, making it productive and relaxing. 

There are more advanced Fitbit models that function as reminders to incorporate some activities. Such Fitbits can identify when you’re not moving or have been in one position for a long time. 

Because a Fitbit can function as a smartphone, you can use it to send messages, make calls and even track your location. You don’t need to have your phone when you have a Fitbit; they’re almost the same.

4. E-Reader

Have you heard, e-books are the most convenient option to access books anytime, anywhere? Not long ago, most people couldn’t get access to books, but today, there are dozens of e-book sites that offer free downloads of various books.

You no longer need to buy books to read them. By simply downloading an ebook app, you can read books from the comfort of your phone. Additionally, these apps are convenient and easy to use such that even a toddler can navigate them.

Although some of the best ebook sites and apps charge a fee, the fee is minimal. Considering you will have unlimited access to thousands of books, the price shouldn’t be a significant concern. Besides, most books are costly to buy, but with an e-book, you will spend a quarter of what you could have on a physical book.

Being able to read your favorite book anytime, anywhere is a huge accomplishment that you shouldn’t take for granted. It gives you the rare opportunity to elevate your mental capacity and creativity regardless of your location and finances.

Reading is just as critical to your wellbeing as fitness. So, you don’t have any excuse not to read a book. Download an e-reader app like Light Reader or log onto an e-book site like Free Amazon and Goodreads are also great sites to buy e-books. 

5. Search Engines

It’s not a rarity to suddenly realize you can’t do a particular task or don’t have an answer to a burning question. At this point, the only thing you need is information, and you can only get it if you know how to use search engines.

Interestingly, search engines have answers to all questions. In fact, if you search for a problem, you’ll receive more than a thousand results. So why not use search engines when you’re stuck? 

Search engines not only give you word information but also videos and pictures for better understanding. You can view multiple videos on a specific topic, and by the end of it, you can do the task at hand.

Frankly, you don’t need professional assistance in some household tasks like vacuuming your floors and trimming your trees. A simple Google search will give you the information and attitude you need to do it yourself. Thus, eliminating the need to hire services.

Also, use search engines for primary personal care like how to plait your hair, brew your morning coffee, and so on. You’ll save a lot of time and money getting quick information from search engines.

However, if you feel a task is too complicated and your search isn’t helpful, it’d be best to call for expert assistance. Only use Google search when a task is minimal and safe. This way, your efforts to live a simpler life won’t turn against you. 

Using the above technologies, you will notice your life becoming more productive, exciting, and invigorating. You will also create more time to do things that matter to you like socializing more, focusing more on your hobbies, and even taking up a short master class on your favorite activity. Life will be more rewarding if you incorporate these technologies into the different aspects of your life.