6 Things That Went Viral In 2020

First of all, let us just say that the term viral might be, at the very least, an interesting choice of words. Considering, of course, the coronavirus pandemic humanity is battling right now. However, viral is the official term for something that became very popular very fast on the internet.

This 2020 has been a very strange year. People have been in lockdown for months and social distancing has become a rule number one to live by. People had to change their daily routines and habits. A lot of bad has happened this year. However, there were a lot of good and funny things as well.

Today, we are going to talk about the 6 things that went viral in 2020.

1. Photos Of Recovering Nature

Lockdown and social distancing are two horrible things people had to get used to during the past five months. The fact that stores, shopping malls, cinemas, stadiums, and other venues were closed, didn’t help. People were miserable because normal life was suspended. Human life, at least. Nature, on the other hand, started to thrive in the absence of mankind.

Nature started to recover and people were amazed by this. People started taking photos of beautiful, utopian scenes of nature. The most popular photos were those of animals reclaiming what was once theirs. Hopefully, these scenes will inspire people to take better care of the environment.

The photos of recovering nature are not the only thing that went viral this year. As seen on Viral Baby, there are a lot of amazing photos and videos from different aspects of life that also became very popular. Getting a daily dose of entertaining content and having fun is crucial in this bleak time.

2. Online Meetings

Due to the situation with coronavirus, a lot of people had to stop going to the office. Instead, they had to work from home. Because of this, they had to have meetings online. Working from home sounds exciting, but it’s not always convenient. There are a lot of factors involved, like life partners, kids, and pets.

People were struggling with online meetings because they were trying to balance their work and their everyday life. This gave us a lot of funny videos that went viral.

3. Some Good News With John Krasinski

One of the most beloved actors in Hollywood today, John Krasinski, created a YouTube channel called Some Good News. He was tired of all the bad news caused by the coronavirus pandemic and he wanted to lighten the mood.

Therefore, he decided to talk about the good things that weren’t getting enough attention. This inspired millions of people, including a lot of celebrities. John had wonderful guests and he made life in lockdown a little bit easier.

4. Virtual Training

Due to the threat of coronavirus, gyms, and fitness centers had to be closed. This means people had to work out from home for a few months. This doesn’t sound too bad, but some people simply can’t get motivated at home. This is exactly why personal trainers decided to create virtual training videos. They wanted to provide people with an opportunity to work out with their personal trainers in the comfort of their homes.

This, of course, was the perfect thing for all those people who couldn’t get motivated on their own. Therefore, the pre-recorded videos and live-stream training sessions became important parts of every household. This made virtual training viral in 2020.

5. Priests With Water Guns

If a year ago, someone said to you priests with water guns would be a thing, you would have thought it was just a good joke, right? Well, in 2020, priests with water guns are a real thing. Because of coronavirus, people have to keep a physical distance in every situation. Even in a church, when they are baptizing their kids.

This also applies to priests. They can’t submerge the kids in holy water as they once did. Instead, they have to spray the kids with holy water from a distance. The only way they can do this is by using water guns. Therefore, we now have photos of priests shooting babies with water guns. What a time to be alive.

6. Online Concerts

One of the things people miss the most in 2020 is going to concerts. Live music is important in every culture, but sadly, this year all concerts have been canceled. This forced artists to be creative. They started recording live sessions from home and allowed people to watch them via live-streams.

Online concerts went viral because this is the only safe way for people to enjoy live music.

It’s safe to say that 2020 was an interesting year so far. These are just a few memorable things that went viral this year. Let’s see what happens next.