10 Trends Of Multilingual Mobile Ads

While it might be hard to believe, humans still evolve and many things that we have created evolve along with us. As such, advertisement has become so fast-paced and dynamic that it becomes harder and harder to keep track of its development.

While just a few years ago, digital video advertisement was considered the future of marketing, today, with over 5 billion mobile users, video ads are steadily replaced by their mobile counterparts.

Yet, that’s not the only trend that the advertisement is currently going through. There are many more and having at least some of them highlighted makes you largely prepared for future ventures.

Being Informed Means Being Armed

In today’s fast-paced world being quick is extremely important especially in such dynamically developing spheres as marketing and advertising. While it’s already become a general fact that mobile advertisement dominates the industry, it has its own specific, nuances, and trends.

So, basically, knowing what sells for mobile ads means a rather strong advantage whenever you plan your marketing campaign. Here are some of the most popular trends in the mobile advertisement that will keep you armed and always ready to compete.

1. Localization. Simply translating your marketing material is not enough anymore. Nowadays, with the consumers becoming more intelligent and selective, localization becomes the major weapon when it comes to internationalization.

Adapting your mobile ads to the cultural norms of your target country is the key to your marketing campaign’s success, so make sure to address human translation services selected by PickWriters and localize your content. If this works for other kinds of advertisements, there’s no reason for it not to work with mobile ads.

2. Content optimization. This is another rather basic point in mobile advertisement and involves creating the ad designed particularly for mobile devices. Screen resolution, mobile operating system, environment, carrier, type of internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile), and many more factors require quite a lot of effort for your marketing campaign development, yet, it also provides you with greater flexibility.

3. Programmatic advertising. A form of digital advertisement that allows you to buy the relative inventory, i.e. ad space is becoming increasingly popular. With the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers for programmatic, you can essentially make your marketing campaign 100% effective.

4. Automation. Programmatic is not the only way to make your marketing campaign work for you. You can automate other processes, such as communication by using the chatbots. Again, AI offers a vast array of opportunities here, so you can, in fact, set your chatbots to behave like the best customer support your customers can imagine. Considering that lots of customers prefer quick or even immediate responses, this might be the winning point for you.

5. Multi-channel marketing. This trend is popular not only with a mobile advertisement, so it’s certainly worth mentioning. With the rise of technology today, mobile advertisements can be very diverse. Not only you can create ads for mobile browsers, but there is also a variety of apps that you can target. Additionally, you can set the targeting of your social media posting on mobile users to market to them only the relative content.

6. Stories. Social media are going mobile and bring a rather trendy way to tell people about things you want to tell. Stories are becoming increasingly popular on such social media platforms as Instagram and Facebook, thus, granting marketers quite an efficient additional tool to experiment with.

7. Social media apps. If you think that a marketing campaign on social media can only be conducted through in-page advertising, stories, or regular positing, there’s another tool for you. And that’s an in-app advertisement. Being very customer-oriented and environment-blending (if approached properly), in-app marketing campaigns are quite promising as a trend today.

8. Personalization. Although it was mentioned briefly in the point above, personalization deserves special attention. It’s quite natural that customers prefer the advertisement that is relevant to their needs. Luckily, with programmatic advertising and automation, you can achieve that without any extraordinary costs or efforts as this is a normal thing today.

9. Dynamic optimized ads. A blend of programmatic methods and personalized content, the optimized ads are aimed to market the consumers as related content as possible. The examples of such ads include the saved shopping cart ads and related items selection.

10. SEO. While it might seem like something too general, SEO is another thing that allows your marketing campaigns to be more flexible. You can organize your content the way that would bring you higher for mobile users in a certain country in particular and so on.

With Limitless Tools, You Only Need to Plan Your Campaigns

The trends listed above are only a few of those that take over this year. There are, of course, many more. With the rise of digital technology, programmatic advertising, and artificial intelligence, marketing campaigns are not only becoming flexible and quite easy to organize but also drive creativity and make marketers think outside of the box.

With the mobile market dominating the world today, the opportunities become truly limitless and it’s only up to you how to use them and bring yourself to success.

Author Bio: Working as a freelance author and constant traveler, Henry McDowell has seen a lot of things that fascinated his mind and made him fall in love with this world. Specializing primarily in education, business, and modern trends, Henry does his research by experiencing first, thinking it all over, and then bringing the results to you. Whenever you get bored or uninspired, remember that every common thing in your life might be a new experience that inspires such authors as Henry. So, keep an eye on Henry’s stories and get inspired by your own ventures every day!