What Should I Add To My Airsoft Loadout Next?

Airsoft is a great sport that allows you to use your imagination and creativity while playing with friends. There are so many different airsoft guns, attachments, water gun alternatives, and gear out there that it can be hard to figure out what to buy next. Here are some tips for finding the right things for your loadout.

What Is Your Budget For Airsoft Gear?

Playing airsoft can be really pricey. This is because you can buy so many different pieces of gear, and each is reasonably pricey. As a general rule, don’t spend more than $100-150 per item in your airsoft loadout. That way, you’ll have enough for everything without going over budget or not being able to afford anything else.

Improving your loadout means adding new attachments and replacement pieces. The following are the most common upgrades to make:

  • Replacement Magazines
  • Ammo Carriers
  • Unjamming Tools
  • An Extra Magazine Pouch For Your Belt, Vest Or Chest Rig
  • Extra Batteries or A Battery Charger (if you don’t have an intelligent charger)
  • Field Supplies Packages That Include Waypoint Tactical Maps And Specialized Dry Cell Batteries For Night Games

Determining your playing style will help you find the best upgrades to make. For example, if you like playing outdoors and in colder weather, then a battery charger is necessary, but it’s not as crucial for those who play indoors or during warmer months.

What Kind of Airsoft Loadout Do You Have?

The first thing you should consider when deciding what new gear to buy next is your current loadout! If you have an AEG (automatic electric gun) with a red dot sight, loading up on ammo would be more sensible than buying another long-range scope for your sniper rifle. Knowing which type of airsoft guns and attachments fit into your style will better inform your purchases in the future.

After establishing how much budget per purchase you are working with, you should consider what type of airsoft gun and loadout you want to have. You can check out The UK’s largest selection of Airsoft Guns shops to help you decide which one works best for you. Check what do you prefer; long-range engagements or in your face combat? 

Should you go for a sidearm weapon like an M1911 pistol? What kind of equipment do I need for the environment that my field is set up in (e.g., desert or snow)?

There are lots of options out there when it comes to making more purchases. Just one way people can improve their current kits without breaking the bank is by adding grenade launchers, bayonets, flashlights, laser pointers – anything practical that fits their playstyle. 

So, for example, if they’re a close-combat player who wants maximum visibility at night, they can add a flashlight and laser pointer to their pistol or rifle.

Now that you know what gear most complements your current loadout, it’s time for some advice on where to start. We’re going to cover all the essentials here:

Full face masks are crucial if you want protection from BBs traveling at high speeds (e.g., with an AEG). You can find them in different colors like black or green so that they blend in more with the environment of your airsoft field. They also come with ventilation holes for better breathability during long games, which is essential considering how much running around players does when playing airsoft.

Cameras may not be necessary, but many people enjoy using them as another way to experience the game. They can also be attached to rifles, so they’re right in your face when you look down and see them.

Sticking with an AEG for a rifle? Consider upgrading it to have a more accurate barrel or one that’s blowback, which simulates recoil! If you’re playing on the field, these upgrades are essential because they ensure shots will hit their mark – no matter what environment players find themselves in.

There is always something new to add to your airsoft loadout as long as there’s space available inside it. Your choices should depend on how much money you want to spend per purchase and if any extra features complement the playstyle well, like grenades or cameras.

Factors To Consider Before Adding Accessories To Your Airsoft Gun

No need to get overwhelmed by all the accessories available. There are a few factors that you should consider before adding anything more than just an airsoft gun and some ammo to your loadout:

  • What is my budget? For example, if I am on a strict budget of $200, I might want to avoid scopes or bipods because they can cost well over $100 each.
  • Does this accessory improve the performance of my weapon in any way? If not, it may be better served as something else for me (i.e., spare magazine pouch).
  • Do I already have one that does what this accessory would do? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide which accessories are worth spending money on.
  • What is my skill level? If I am a beginner, I may want to invest in magazines and spare ammo before investing money into accessories that fill the same function.
  • Is this accessory compatible with other pieces of equipment that you already own? Compatibility can save time as well as money because it reduces the need for additional investments.

Final Words

Adding new accessories to your loadout is a personal decision that should be made after considering the factors above. If you are still unsure, it may help to think about what areas of airsoft interest you most and then add accessories as needed.