How To Decide Where To Live As A Young Professional In Canada?

Young professionals and millennials around the world often find their ideal destination in Canada. The country offers a high standard of living, a safe and secure environment, and plenty of lucrative career opportunities.

With its open-minded society and individual freedom, Canada continues to top the best places to live in the world. Whether you are an immigrant or a Canadian citizen, you might be looking for the best places to live in the country as a young professional.

This article will explore the best places to reside in Canada. Learn more about the best places to live in Canada here.

Canada’s Professional Environment: Why Does It Appeal To Young Professionals?

Young professionals cherish a dynamic work environment in Canada for the following reasons.

  • Apart from social security, they benefit from the lucrative salaries and incentives in an extensive range of sectors.
  • Canada is economically sound and hosts several strong-going sectors. Young professionals find the right value for their effort and experience.
  • Moreover, the government in Canada has established norms supporting higher education and proper employment of people residing there.
  • Whether it comes to employment or entrepreneurship, professionals enjoy a happening environment for integrated work.
  • Moreover, Canada has affordable housing and livability, further motivating professionals to migrate to its key provinces.

The youth in Canada, of course, crave affordable housing. With good jobs available throughout the country, you might end up in a dilemma regarding where you should be residing.

What Should Young Professionals In Canada Consider While Deciding Their Residence?

As a young professional, you need to prioritize your income, growth prospects in career, security, and some other aspects. To give you a better idea, we have come up with a detailed explanation of how you should make your decision.

1. Live In a Province That Requires Your Skills

Every province in Canada frequently releases a list where they update the most sought-after skills. This helps these provinces find deserving candidates. When the local workforce turns out to be scarce, this strategy proves to be beneficial. If you find that the list has your skills on it, you may decide to live in that particular province and tap your opportunities.

2. Provinces With Active Immigration Programs

In case you are an immigrant to Canada, it makes sense to check out provinces with active immigration programs. Some of these programs include:

It would be wise to go for a province with multiple pathways for provincial immigration. You might also benefit from the additional support in provincial immigration programs at these locations.

3. Provinces With Provincial Immigration Program Connected To Express Entry

To gain a greater degree of flexibility to secure Canada’s permanent residence, you may choose to live in a province that has its own pathways program. This ensures that the residents can seamlessly switch to the pool of Express Entry from a provincial pool if they have adequate points under the ranking system.

Selecting The Right City In Canada: How To Go About It?

Here are a few things you need to consider before choosing a city to reside in Canada.

1. Select A City Close To The Province’s Capital

Residing close to the province’s capital, you would be able to access the comprehensive job market seamlessly. Moreover, this would largely minimize your living costs in Canada.

2. Go For A City Where You Have Growth Prospects

Professionals are always on the lookout to upscale your career. They often decide to streamline their profiles with an advanced degree. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a city with at least one recognized college or university. This would enable you to go for a diploma, certificate, or degree.

3. Choose A City Where Immigrants Find Adequate Support

In case you are an immigrant, you need to be careful about the city you choose. You might need support for classes like French and English, the two official languages in Canada. Moreover, you might need some training to draft resumes in the local Canadian style.

Other reasons include the availability of support for skill development and attending job fairs. This will help you ascend the professional hierarchy in Canada in the coming years. Choose a city that has these amenities.

What Are The Top Places Where Young Professionals Reside In Canada?


Ontario continues to be one of the best provinces in Canada, where young professionals have been migrating over the years. Affordable accommodation and cost of living, along with impressive career prospects, define the province’s popularity.

Around 14.57 million people reside in Ontario. Besides, the city has got a cosmopolitan population and has several schools and universities. Here are some of the most popular places where you can reside in Ontario as a young professional:


Toronto tops the list with impressive career prospects and a safe living environment. Further, professionals can spend their leisure hours visiting diverse restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, parks, and museums.


Ottawa would be the ideal residents for professionals willing to have families in Canada. Enriched with history, the city has plenty of museums and buildings. Moreover, the residents here enjoy several festivals throughout the year.

Outdoor activities, pleasant weather, and the availability of job opportunities explain the popularity of the city.


If you decide to reside close to Toronto at a cheaper rate, Waterloo would be a great choice. The city houses several tech companies, offering lucrative employment prospects. Besides, the city has a low rate of unemployment, and the expenses would be lower here. The city has plenty of colleges and universities, besides being one with a lower population.


Canada has several industries where businesses hire skilled professionals. Apart from the cities mentioned above, you can opt for Oakville or Burlington. Both these cities offer lots of employment prospects to young professionals.

You can check out the living accommodation options in any of the five cities discussed. If you need professional guidance regarding where to reside in Canada, simply reach out to the experts.