5 Things You Should Know to Become a Fashion Stylist

Have you ever wondered why your favourite Hollywood celeb always looks picture perfect? While Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson have a great sense of style, it’s their celebrity stylists that do all the work!

According to Dawn Del Russo, a celebrity stylist in an interview done by Vogue IT, a good stylist knows their clients, including what they like and don’t like. As there’s no better manifestation of this than the evolution happening in the fashion industry.

It’s the one industry that has continued to evolve positively, with more expected changes in the coming days. Below, we will look at what a celebrity stylist should know before getting into the industry. 

Celebrity Stylists—Who Are They?

Fashion stylists are professionals capable of integrating a celebrity’s appearance to make them appealing and fashionable to the masses.

Working as a stylist provides one with the opportunity to work on different projects that may see you working as a costume designer or even a personal shopper.

Depending on where you land, you could find yourself working with high-profile celebrities or unknown names who are just getting into the limelight.

Use the following five tips to help you get started on your journey to becoming a fashion stylist.

1. Get Started by Getting Some Hands-On Experience

There’s no better way to get started than by getting an internship! With it, you get to acquire some valuable experience that you may not have gained otherwise.

Gaining a mentor and getting some experience in the fashion industry will assist you in becoming successful and enable you to learn the secrets of the trade.

Fashion internships may be hard to come by, but the journey may prove easier and less challenging if you know where to look.

Make sure to check Stylecaster’s List for an idea of where to get the best internships in the fashion industry.

2. Try to Work on Your Recommendations

Celebrities tend to be cautious when working with new and unknown stylists. Your goal should be to earn as many recommendations as you can from well-known stylists when starting.

Recommendations aside, you also need to portray confidence in all your creations. It becomes easier to sell yourself when you show the world that you’re fully in command of your creations and style.

Learn as Much as You Can About Everything Related to Fashion

Research into the fashion industry, such as checking out sites like BoF Education. Use the tips provided therein to learn how you can become certain of your creations.

Within no time, you should become an expert on the different designers in the field, their preferred fabrics, and how they came upon the styles they are using.

3. Become Accustomed to Working with Different Clients

A career in the fashion industry means you are always a call away from being asked to dress a celebrity for an upcoming awards show. Alternatively, you could also be hired to assist a celeb to come up with a unique style or even shop for a new closet.

The Importance of Communication

Regardless of why the client has hired you, you have to be in a position to communicate with them.

Communication with clients involves asking questions, listening to the answers given, and ensuring you don’t dress the client how you would prefer to get dressed.

Get Accustomed to Dealing with Different Body Types

Apart from communication, you have to learn to work with different body types. Working as a stylist calls for you to learn your client’s body type.

Each client is different, which means you have to approach their dress codes differently. Consider the part of the body that your client loves the most, and then find a way to show it off.

Comfort Is Key

Your client should always feel comfortable in whatever they are wearing. Flattering the figure is one thing, and being comfortable in the garment/outfit is another thing altogether.

4. Be Prepared to Work with All Types of Clients

Celebrities, as you already know by now, are different. Some are easy to work with, and others can make your life a living hell.

By working with different celebrities, you will learn and appreciate their different personalities and fashion preferences.

Make Your Work Easier by Creating a Vision Board

Whenever a celebrity hires you to assist them in coming up with a new style, the best move would be to ask them to create a collage of preferred outfits.

Understand their preferred styles before recommending any new look. If the client is unsure of what to do, you could have them rip pages from their preferred magazines.

Pins from Pinterest and Instagram images may also come in handy.

Showcase Your Style to the Celebrity

Never be afraid to show off your style to a client. In every client meeting you attend, ensure you have at least two styles with you.

The first style should be the one you feel the client will like and be comfortable with, while the second one should be one they may feel apprehensive about trying.

Try to get the client to be adventurous instead of sticking to a single trend they are comfortable with.

5. Prepare a Lookbook

You are probably wondering what a lookbook is and what it does! Well, fashion stylists use the lookbook to showcase their work.

You will need to display your styling skills to clients and hopefully build a stable client base.

You need the lookbook to widen your visibility and create a portfolio that will allow clients to see some of your best work. A website/blog will also come in handy in kick-starting your career.


It takes a lot for one to make it as a fashion stylist. You need to keep your head in the game by ensuring you are always up to date with all the latest trends. ModaDatabase allows you to connect with celebrity fashion, makeup and hair stylists where you can draw some inspiration from. 

Remember that every new season calls for a change in style. Familiarize with past trends and try to incorporate them into new designs, and you will be fine.