6 Things to Consider While Buying An Electric Hoverboard 

Riding a hoverboard and drifting on the ground is so much fun. Everyone desires to have a fun ride on this board, from kids to adults. Ever since its evolution, this self-balancing device has made great progress. The different versions, technological advancements, and impressive features and specifications make a hoverboard a popular mode of personal transportation.

While some use a hoverboard to actually travel from one place to another like their vehicles, for others, it is a strict means of entertainment, thrill, and adventure. 

Simply put, a hoverboard is a self-balancing personal transporter comprising one or two motorised wheels. It includes a pair of sensor pads where you can place your feet. You can lean forward and backward on this board and accelerate or decelerate its speed. You can also change the direction; all you need to do is twist the board’s pads. 

The markets are swarmed with many electric hoverboards featuring different specifications. If you are planning to buy it anytime sooner, here are the six features to check out: 

1. Battery Life 

The battery life of an electric hoverboard is its main feature. It is only because of a powerful battery that you can operate this board and swing it in any direction you want. Make sure that you choose a product that comes with a good enough battery. After all, who would want to recharge the board’s battery repeatedly? 

The battery of the hoverboard determines how fast and far you can operate it. Look for a battery pack that guarantees more mileage per change. Although electric hoverboard models vary, most have fitted lithium-ion batteries of 36 to 42 volts. 

2. Weight of the Hoverboard  

The second essential thing that you must pay attention to while buying a hoverboard is the weight it has and the weight it can bear. 

While deciding on the right weight of the board, follow a general rule – standard hoverboards in Australia have an overall weight limit of 100 kilograms, and it is a good idea to buy them. 

3. Speed of the Hoverboard 

Speed has a role to play for all those riders who want to use this transporter for fun. When you shop for a hoverboard, ask the following questions: 

How fast does the machine roll? What is the top speed of the hoverboard? Does the hoverboard come with a learning mode? Can a hoverboard be controlled after reaching its top speed? A standard hoverboard has a 6-7 miles per hour top speed. 

4. Range 

Just like the speed, it is equally important to learn about the range of your electric hoverboard before you bring it home. The self-balancing board can range in speed up to 10 mph and travel up to 10-15 miles on a single charge. 

The range of the board also depends upon its price. The higher the price, the better the range. 

5. Safety Wheel Sensors 

While riding a hoverboard, your safety cannot be overlooked. It is, therefore, essential to pay attention to the safety wheel sensors that this board comprises. Each wheel comes with speed and tilt sensors that track revolutions per minute. They also tilt when your body moves. 

The wheels of a hoverboard ideally rely on the tech aspects to help you balance safely. Check for the safety wheel sensors and buy the board that allows you a safe riding experience. 

6. Price 

Last but not least, the overall pricing of the hoverboard is also a deciding factor of this scooter. Ensure that you buy a good-quality model but you do not need to spend a fortune buying it. 

When it comes to price, choose both the quality of the product and affordability. 


Hoverboards are fun to ride. Add this smart self-balancing scooter into your garage, but read this buying guide before you shop for it.