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10 Secrets to Having a Great Day That Everyone Misses

The Italians have a saying, “La Vita è Bella,” which means, “Life is beautiful.”

However, the going does get tough sometimes. Eventually, the stress of dealing with a million things every day gets to you and survival starts making your life demanding and difficult.

Pretty soon, you feel like your day is turning into a series of obstacles.

Most people, however, forget that having a great day boils down to their approach and attitude, irrespective of the magnitude of the daily tasks.

Secrets to Having a Great Day

Here are ten tips you can follow to have a great day, every single day.

1. Be the Early Bird

Waking up early, preferably before sunrise, can lead to several benefits. Most early risers tend to develop healthy sleeping cycles.

However, if you want to wake up early, you have to go to bed early as well. This means you can’t binge-watch the latest Game of Thrones episodes anymore. Sounds hard, but it’s well worth the effort.

Early risers can find more time to meditate, exercise, prepare a healthy breakfast, and plan their day. Thus, it helps them stay organized and develop healthy habits which, in turn, help them deal with stress and anxiety.

Above all, waking up early induces a positive attitude that stays with you throughout the day, making you feel more energetic. So, stop being a night owl and start going to bed as early as possible.

2. Morning Meditation and Exercise

It may sound obvious, but if you rise early, engaging in meditation and\or some form of physical workout will be like placing a cherry on the cake.

Just ten to fifteen minutes of meditation can bring a heightened state of calmness to your mind. Select a calm and secluded corner in your home to meditate. Avoid changing the place, if possible.

You can perform a simple breathing exercise (Pranayama) to clear your mind of all the distractions. However, if you are also going to do vigorous exercise such as running, make sure to finish it first and then meditate for a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can also perform a relaxing round of yoga and meditation.

3. Eat Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, so try to make it as healthy as possible. The ideal breakfast should keep you going for at least three to four hours.

So, make sure it is packed with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Apart from increasing your physical performance, a healthy breakfast will also aid weight management.

Always eat fresh home-cooked breakfast. If you are having a busy morning, at least grab your favorite fruit or juice before running towards your car.

Skipping breakfast will only make you overeat later in the day, which may lead to constipation and/or uneasiness. Healthy food keeps your tummy in sound condition, and that in turn leads to good health and mood.

4. Plan Your Day

Planning your day is one of the most important things you can do to turn every day into a great one. You can plan either before going to bed the previous night or first thing in the morning.

Thanks to modern technology, planning the day has become a lot easier. You can just grab your phone or laptop to plan your day within minutes. You can even set reminders for the most important tasks for the day.

Find out how much time you need to finish each task. Prioritize and plan the most important tasks first. Make sure to bunch similar tasks together to finish them in time.

If everything on your list is important (it usually is), try timeboxing each task. Allot only a fixed amount of time per task every day to keep a particular chore from falling behind.

However, it takes some serious practice and patience to develop timeboxing skills. Nevertheless, once you have mastered these skills, every day will be great.

5. Dress Well

This may seem ridiculous to some, but the secret to looking great and having a great day may be lying in your closet. If people dress according to their mood, why can’t they dress up to change their mood?

In other words, clothing may not only be the source of anxiety and depression but can also be the powerhouse of happiness and confidence.

You probably have at least one favorite outfit that cheers you up. Find out that one ensemble, find out why it makes you feel happy and confident, and buy clothes that have the same effect on your mood the next time you go shopping.

Women can also use jewelry to feel cheerful. Men, on the other hand, can put on a few accessories such as a tie, sunglass and even a hat to lift their mood.

6. Take Short Breaks on Purpose

Most people think that they are too busy to take breaks. However, they couldn’t be any further from the truth.

If scheduled in advance, you can take short breaks between consecutive tasks throughout the day. They will certainly make you feel happy, productive and energetic.

You can engage in any activity that will keep you from getting bored such as walking, talking to a colleague (not about work though), calling your friend, or catching up on the latest news.

Remember, the purpose of such short breaks is to rejuvenate your mind and avoid feeling irritable. So, take a five-minute break every couple of hours, nothing more.

7. Spare Some Time for Your Hobby

Though you may be fond of sports and fitness-based activities, try to incorporate at least one artistic hobby into your agenda on a daily basis.

Having a hobby will allow you to get away from the work schedule that keeps getting tighter and tighter. Instead of running from one task to another, take some time off your daily schedule to express and enjoy yourself.

It can be something as simple as doodling in your short breaks. You can also engage in video games, schedule a game of hockey with your friends one evening and get jamming the next, or read the next chapter of that book you started.

Learning never gets old. Every time you pick up a hobby, you learn new skills and make new friends.

8. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Another way to have a great day is to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Whether you are stuck in a job you hate or have turned your passion into your source of income, you are doing it for your family and loved ones. What’s the point of doing any of it if you can’t spend a few hours with them?

9. Appreciate What You Have

Do you have the tendency to overthink your troubles and take your blessings for granted? This is probably affecting your morale at the subconscious level. One quality that can instantly make you feel better about yourself is gratitude.

When you’re truly grateful for what you have, you feel less inclined to brood over what you may have missed. Furthermore, you also stop comparing yourself to others once you’re at peace with yourself, which makes you happy about the way things are going for you.

Remember, life is short, always make it a point to appreciate what you have. Doing so will bring you contentment and every day will be great.

10. Stay Focused in the Present Moment

Staying completely focused on one task at a time in the present will help you get your work done in time. As a result, you will be able to spend the day as planned. As you complete one task after other as planned, you will feel relaxed, resulting in a good mood.

Think about it – the present moment is the only moment you have control over. The past is gone and the future is yet to come, so there is no point stressing over them.

However, having a happy and productive moment in the present can do wonders for your life. So, focus on the present moment and work towards creating happiness. You will have no trouble in having a great day ever.


Life gets better when we realize that it is our attitude towards our situations that makes all the difference. After all, the grass is always greener where you water it.

The above ten tips should help you mold your perspective so that you always have a great day, no matter the situation you’re in.