How to Live Comfortably In A New Home

It’s always very exciting to move to a new home. It’s probably something you’ve worked for so long to achieve and when you finally do, it’s a dream come true for you.

As a matter of fact, whether it’s a rental or a house you own, it’s still new to you. But for the very first few weeks, you will probably feel like a stranger and a foreigner. However, it doesn’t have to be so. It may require some patience to get used to the new environment.

If you’re looking to make your new home feel more homey to you, this article was definitely meant for you. We’ve lined up some guidelines on how to instantaneously feel connected in your new home and in addition to this, live a comfy life. Here is how to live comfortably in a new home.

1. Soundproof Your House

The comfort of your home may be dependent on how quiet the environment is. There are so many pollutants out there, but the most annoying one is having to deal with noisy neighbors, traffic noises, and the most obvious one, clubs, and restaurants. Whether you’ve moved into a quiet suburban environment or in an inner-city environment, you’ll want to soundproof your house at some point.

Experts at A Quiet Refuge suggest that soundproofing your new house is one of the most important steps you should take to create a comfy, serene environment. Soundproofing your home not only keeps noises outside, but it also protects your privacy by keeping indoor sounds inside. If you’ve just moved into your new home in a gated community, a condominium, or apartment, soundproofing your house will come in handy the most. 

2. Secure Your House

It’s very important that when you move into a new house, you ensure that it’s safe and secure from external factors. Some of these may include burglaries, an obsessive ex, or nosy neighbors. Most people are clueless about keeping their new homes secure and safe. Remember, you’ll hardly live a comfortable life in your new house if you feel threatened and insecure. Let’s take a look at a few steps to take to secure your new home.

  • Install a security system (including CCTV) 
  • Invest in tight security locks 
  • Make sure that the doors and windows are high-quality 
  • Know your neighbors

While at it, it is incredibly important to familiarize with some of the most common home security threats that homeowners encounter. These steps will go a long way into ensuring your safety but mostly, which will ultimately improve your comfort.

3. Personalize Your New Home

It goes without saying, that you will want to feel accustomed to your new home. The best way to achieve this is by customizing a few things to give it a personal touch. A couple of things may feel like they are out of place. These may include things like the paint, floor, and window treatments. So, for your new home to look and feel more attractive and comfy, you may want to consider doing the following: 

  • Retouch the paint
  • Invest in customized drapes and curtains
  • Hang some personal photos or portraits
  • Introduce some flowers in jars 
  • Upgrade bathroom and kitchen details

Thing is, although professional house designers did their best when constructing the house, you’ll want to add some few enhancements to make your house as comfortable as it can get.


4. Make It Smell Good and Homey

The oldest tradition of making your new home smell homey is to simmer something nice on the stove. But let’s face it, we are living busy lives and you may not have the time for all that. In addition to this, we are in another century where so many things have changed and advanced with time.

You can alternatively invest in some scent-filled jars, season candles, odor neutralizers, and scent diffusers. Other subtle means of making your new home smell good may include fabric fresheners, essential oils, and perfumes.

5. Class up the Closets

Closets have a way of impacting on a home’s comfort. Sometimes, little things like making a few changes in your closet can go a long way in enhancing comfort. This could mean doing away with your old wire hangers for some wooden ones, reorganizing the closet in a way that pleases you, and on top of this, ensuring that the clothes are well sorted.

We spend a considerable amount of time in our bedrooms while dressing up or resting. Truth is, the benefits of an organized closet can never be overstated. When well sorted out and neatly organized, your closet can make your new home feel homey and comfortable. Additionally, you can save a great deal of time as opposed to working with an untidy closet that it takes you forever to look for some clean and fresh outfit. 

6. Throw in Some Pillows and Rugs 

After a long day of work, you’ll want to come and find someplace to zen out. Those snugly throw pillows will go far and beyond in making you feel comfortable in your new home. To do this on a budget, some DIY ideas such as changing the covers on the existing pillows could also do.

On the same note, you may also want to invest in warm floor rugs for your feet. The cold winter months can be so harsh on your bare feet!

7. Invest in Cool Lighting

Adding some light fixtures can make your new home feel like a home. Insufficient lighting can jeopardize your comfort levels. Investing in cool pieces of lighting that emit warm white or yellow shades of light will go a long way in promoting relaxation.

You may go a step further to install dimmers and light shades as well as placing lights or reading lights. Candles will also work, but it’s imperative to ensure that you extinguish the flames before retiring to bed.

8. Adopt A Pet

Did you know that animals have a way of making us feel happier and healthier? In addition to this, they’ll also make your home appear more inviting and homey. If you already have one, you know too well that they don’t clean up after themselves.

This means that you’ll need to ensure that they are well looked after and groomed at all times. But all in all, the idea is making you feel comfortable in your new home; which they’ll do without complaining.

As you can see, it takes a lot to feel cozy in a new home. It may take a lot of time and require a lot of effort to get you there, but everything will be worth it in the end. So to make this uncomfortable feeling dissipate, the above tips will surely be of help.