6 Most Popular Franchises In Australia To Open

Franchising is a common business venture for many entrepreneurs. According to the Franchise Council of Australia, franchising is a $146 billion industry with over 1,200 separate franchise systems, over 800,000 franchised companies, and over 500,000 people employed.

A franchise is essentially a business’s sponsorship of another party to carry out particular commercial activities. It’s critical to find a franchise that complements your current expertise, experience, attitude, lifestyle needs, and budget. Running a company can be a physically and mentally demanding experience, and in order to stay motivated, you should find a model that works for you.

1. Health and Fitness Franchise

Australians are well-known for being health-conscious. On every given day, you will see people swimming, jogging, and working out. As a result, gyms and fitness studios have developed into lucrative enterprises, with a $2 billion market share. The industry has expanded into a variety of other services such as yoga, Zumba, pilates, meditation, kickboxing, martial arts, and so on.

People are drawn to these franchises because they are well-known and have state-of-the-art facilities that provide the best service. It is a profitable franchise choice for people who enjoy staying fit and want to own a well-known franchise. Some of the popular franchises in Australia are Xtend-Barre Franchise, FoodCo, Gelatoissimo, etc.

2. Aged Care Franchise

The country’s elderly population has been growing over the years. In 2020, Australia had 3.9 million people (16% of the population ) over the age of 65 living there. As a result, there is an increasing demand for senior caregivers who provide in-home treatment. They provide companionship and assistance to seniors who are unable to do their everyday tasks on their own.

With the increase in the number of elderly people living alone in towns, many franchises have emerged in the region. These allow the franchisee to provide the service in a specific territory without putting in a lot of effort. The healthcare industry is a thriving one, and you can quickly become a part of it by purchasing an aged care franchise.

3. Takeaway Food Franchise

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered how companies work and how customers buy products and services. Customers are staying indoors and avoiding public areas, so takeaway food franchises have become common. Branded food trailers are in high demand among foodies who have been waiting to sample their favorite delicacies since the social distancing era began.

The trailers give the owners the benefit of versatility, allowing them to place them in the most strategic positions to increase sales. These food trucks and trailers have a fully fitted kitchen and produce outstanding weekly take-home pay with low overhead.

4. Cafe and Coffee Franchise

Cafes and coffee shops have sprouted up throughout the country to capitalize on the rising coffee culture. There is no lack of cafes in Australia, ranging from small boutique shops in the suburbs to classy and luxurious shops in the cities.

The industry’s sales reached $5 billion in 2019-20, and the market’s biggest players are well-known franchises operated by Retail Food Group, Starbucks, and Emirates Leisure Retail. With national-level marketing and high visibility, the major brands have an advantage in the bustling markets. These franchises are extremely good at attracting customers and generating a sizable profit for the franchisees.

5. Lawn Mowing and Gardening Franchise

The beautification of residential and commercial properties is a necessary task that necessitates the assistance of a specialist. This is why lawn mowing franchises are becoming increasingly popular.

These franchises have a solid reputation in the industry and have long-term contracts with a number of clients. The best thing is that the owner will set his own working hours and days, as well as take on as much work as he wants. With the franchisor’s preparation and help, it’s a money-making venture with high potential returns.

6. Retail Franchise

While online shopping is gaining popularity in the country, retail franchises have expanded dramatically. Branded retail stores are still in high demand by customers because they can find dependable goods under one roof and test them before making a purchase. You can select from a range of retail outlets that are doing extremely well, ranging from a technology franchise to corporate branding stores and printing cartridges.

Financing is easier to come by for these existing and rising businesses.