ESPN+ Gets Messed Up While Using A VPN In Canada? Let’s Fix It In 3 Steps

ESPN+ is only available in the US due to content licensing and streaming rights policies. However, since it is known as Netflix for sports and one of the best cord-cutting options to watch live sports, users use tools like VPN to watch ESPN+ in Canada, Australia, the UK, and other parts of the world.

However, often VPN providers face issues and glitches when using ESPN+.   

Since you are here, we will take you through some options to figure out the glitch and solution for you.

Let’s explore the problems and their solutions.

ESPN Plus and VPN

ESPN+ has robust security that detects any certain VPNs that fail to hoodwink the IP address or servers.

When they detect any such activity, they block the temporary IP address provided by the VPN. As a result, you drop access to the streaming service.

It is highly recommended to use a VPN that dupes your IP address, making it look like an IP address from the USA. 

Installing VPN to Watch ESPN Plus

When you are a fan of live sports like MLB, NHL, UFC, MLS, and PGA Golf and cannot get them on ESPN+ due to geo-blocking, you are in for a treat here. VPNs are a great invention that helps you watch content wherever you are in the world.

Most VPNs are compatible with several operating systems. Therefore, when selecting a VPN, check whether it works for at least these four operating systems — Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Follow these steps to start using VPN:

  • Subscribe to the premium VPN service. Check TechRadar’s best VPN blog here.
  • Next, create an account.
  • Install the VPN app on your device, sign in and connect to the US server.
  • Now make sure your device location is off. 
  • As soon you are connected, you can stream ESPN+ live or on-demand from where you are in the world.

ESPN Plus Not Working On Certain VPN

ESPN+ has vigorous algorithms. The security protocols may discover if anyone outside the USA tries to bypass geo-restrictions and watch the service.

There are a few reasons why your VPN is not working on ESPN+:

  • Most of the VPNs don’t have a great quality to hoodwink the IP address, and it gave way and hence got blocked. This is why we always recommend using premium VPNs to watch ESPN+ outside the USA.
  • Most of the VPN servers do not change their servers after they get ESPN+ and other streaming services. Because of this, they won’t be able to let you access ESPN Plus anymore after some time. 

Because of all these issues, we tested some of the top VPNs recommended by most reputable websites such as TechRadar, TechCrunch, PC Mag, and Tom’s Guide.

And after testing we find the following as the best VPNs to watch ESPN+ in Canada: 

1. ExpressVPN

It is our top recommendation for all the features and security provided at a price. In addition, the service has perfect security and masks your IP to be used anywhere in the world.

Express VPN has 3000 plus global and 1000 plus American servers in over 90 countries. When using Express VPN, you can choose to watch content in HDR, UHD, HD, Dolby Atmos, and 4K.

The Smart DNS (MediaStreamer) enables users to use devices that don’t support VPN, such as Xbox, Smart TV, Roku, PlayStation, and Apple TV.

You can also use the service across various operating systems such as Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Firestick, Fire tablets, and Fire TV. In addition, the service enables you to use it on five devices simultaneously.

To try the features, Expressvpn offers a free-trial period. When sure about the services, you can always get a 49 percent discount on the yearly plan.

2. CyberGhost  

Known for its exceptional unblocking capability, CyberGhost is a go-to choice for Aussies when looking to bypass geo-restrictions.

The service has 7000 plus servers in over 90 countries. You can sign up for its 3-year plan, which costs $2.29 per month when interested.

When using this VPN, you get the great opportunity to use torrents without worry. The application is available for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices. And that too can be used on seven devices simultaneously.

3. PIA (Private Internet Access)

When it comes to accessing more servers, Private Internet Access offers over 10,000 servers in 70+ countries. If you choose to get PIA for a low cost, you can sign up for the 3-year plan. You get the service at as low as $2.03 per month only.

While you have the service, you can use it to unblock many streaming services like HULU, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. 

The app is available on all leading operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS on various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. 

4. NordVPN – Pocket-Friendly Choice

NordVPN has 5000+ servers in over 60 countries, exclusively 1500+ US servers. The service offers a two-year plan, which costs $3.29 per month. The service can be used on six devices simultaneously and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Amazon Firestick, and Linux. 

Benefits of Using VPN

Besides the intent of hiding the identity (ISP), there are various benefits of using a VPN, depending on the provider. Here are some key benefits of using a VPN:

  • ISP Throttling: It is the nature of ISPs to detect the activity and adjust bandwidth according to the use. When using a VPN, it masks your activity; hence you receive equal and undivided bandwidth regardless of the activity on the internet.
  • You get to enjoy the fast bandwidth and continue doing your work with fast speed. Users who require undivided and fast speed often opt for a VPN.
  • P2P Support: Certain countries have strict policies against using torrents. Depending on each country, punishments vary from fines, termination of internet usage, or in certain cases, imprisonment.
  • The data encryption and having no logs is a benefit to the user. Since no one can detect or monitor your activity, copyright or governmental agencies cannot track your activity.
  • Hiding the Address: When online shopping, certain brands have metrics to change prices depending on the posh to regular areas. Moreover, the deals and stocks may also appear different for postal addresses.

But when the location is protected, the brands offer regular services and deals for the users. So it helps the user save bucks when buying online.


ESPN+ is for individuals who love to watch live sports online. But due to geo-blocking policies and content licensing this sports streaming service is only available in the US. 

But since ESPN+ covers all major and minor events of live sports including NHL, MLS, UFC, PGA Golf, and various events around the world all year round, sports fans from Canada, Australia, the UK, and other parts of the world try to access ESPN Plus with the help of a VPN. 

However, ESPN+ won’t work even with the VPN because of some issues that we explained along with their solutions.