How To Easily Take Your Ecommerce To Another Level

There’s no getting around it, e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing aspects of a business that consumers use online. Simply put, e-commerce refers to buying and selling products, goods, or services, using the internet. More often than not it’s used to describe selling physical goods but can also describe any kind of transaction.

So much like generating popularity for your shop on the high street, you need to do the same for your shop online and there are many ways of doing so. Here we take a look at a few things you can do to take your e-commerce to another level. 

Is There Enough Traffic?

Very simply, is your website getting enough traffic that will enable people to use your online store? If no one is visiting your shop then they don’t have the ability to buy anything from it, which is exactly the same as the shops in the town.

The best way to heighten the chance of people using your e-commerce shop is by making it viewable for as many people as possible but how is it done? Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly known as SEO, is going to be the first port of call. This is where we try and get our website on the first page of results when someone searches something related to our company.

For example, if your business sells Toy Cars and a potential customer searches “toy cars for sale” then you want your shop to be on the first page, there aren’t many people that scroll through hundreds of pages of search engine results. The quicker it is for the consumer the better. 

When it comes to implementing SEO then the best thing you can do is to hire a professional as it’s quite complicated to get to grips with. The professionals from AMPWPTools state that using an FAQ Schema is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website.

This is where you type a question into a search engine such as Google and if your website has the answer as an FAQ then it will be highly ranked. For example, talking about toy cars again, a potential customer searches “What’s the most popular Toy Car for sale?” and in your website, you had an FAQ answering the most popular toy cars to buy from the years 2016-2020 then you have a much higher chance of being seen first. 

Does It Look Good?

One thing that frustrates me about online shops is the amount there are that think their design means nothing.

The first thing I do when I click onto an e-commerce store is to look at how it’s presented. If it’s dated and is poorly designed then I will usually click off as I’m not inclined to buy anything. I’m not putting my credit card details into anywhere that looks unprofessional.

Take your time over the layout and the professionalism of store, make sure that it looks perfect in every way. The better it looks the more likely someone is going to buy something, you could be selling the best pizza on the planet but if you’re selling out of a dumpster then the majority of people are going to pass.

Have a running theme and nice colours, design a logo that’s attractive but to the point and have high-resolution pictures of your product, anything that has a watermark over the top is a big red flag for me. 

Make It Easy To Use

Navigating websites can be a complete turn-off and will send some people packing early doors. There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on a website because you like the sound of the product they are selling, to find a complicated navigation system rendering it near impossible to find anything you want. Keeping it simple really will help customers move easily around your site. 


Alongside getting your website into the customer’s eye using search engine optimisation, having a good advertising plan is something that’s essential to help your shop grow. There are so many platforms in this day and age that you can advertise on there’s no excuse to not do it.

Social media is now one of the largest advertising platforms and contributes to a large percentage of companies’ conversion rates. Use what’s around you to your advantage, you’d be silly not to. 

Ensure Security

The last thing you want to happen to your website is being hacked or unsafe for users to transact on. One thing every customer wants from an online website is security; they want to know that if they give you their personal information, it will be safe and not get leaked or taken advantage of. This is why it’s essential to utilize the help of an It Support company to keep your website airtight with security, so you can give your customers the reassurance they want and need.


E-commerce is rapidly expanding and soon enough it will be the main way of buying anything, so it’s best to get used to it now and jump on board the bandwagon because this one is going nowhere!

If you’ve got yourself an online shop already and it’s not doing so well then firstly make sure it looks nice and is easy to use, you’d be surprised at what this can do. Once you’ve done that make sure to get the professionals in to optimize your website, it will be the best thing you do for your company for years to come.