Tungsten Rings For Men And Why You Should Buy One

As a man, you can make a statement in various ways. You could dress sharply, wear a classy watch or drive an expensive vehicle. Needless to say, while there are multiple ways to do that, one sure way is wearing a precious piece like a tungsten ring.

The question that looms is why a tungsten one, and not just any other kind of a ring? The answer to this question lies in the quality that tungsten rings come with. While ring makers use various materials or metals to curve out rings, tungsten stands above those that you could consider the best.

This article will explore some of the advantages of getting a ring made from tungsten or having this metal as one of its components. If you can DIY handcrafted rings with tungsten in them, it can mean much more than buying one.

1. Hard to Break/Durable

Tungsten as a metal is brittle but has a very high melting point. When mixed with carbon, it becomes almost as hard as diamond titanium. Being this hard gives it an advantage over other metals because it becomes easy to curve into any shape without the risk of breakage.

Once curved into a ring, it will last a lifetime hence giving you value for money. The only way you can break a tungsten ring is by smelting it into liquid metal. These rings never dent or bend, so they remain in shape, unlike those made of other metals. It is that hard, hence very durable. You will pass it to generations to come, and it will still last.

2. It’s Beautiful

They say a diamond is forever; true, but only for those that are yet to see the beauty that is tungsten. Thanks to its ability to finish smoothly and being highly reflective, this metal can be designed and polished in all manner contemporary matte to produce uniquely looking rings.

If you want to have a lasting memory of your wedding day, then you need to go for these kinds of rings. They are indeed a beauty to behold, and will last forever. You just cannot get your eyes off such a ring for most of the days you will have it on your finger.

3. Resistant to Scratching

When rings get scratched, you are forced to have them polished to get their shine back. Rings made of soft metals such as gold can easily get scratched especially if you engage in activities that involve your hands a lot.

A tungsten ring, despite appearing soft, will rarely get scratches. You save a lot of money that you would otherwise use for polishing. These rings also maintain their shine for the longest time.

4. Can Be Plated to Different Colours

Naturally, tungsten is gunmetal grey in color. The good thing is that the rings can be plated to white, gold, or black. If you do not like the silver shine, you can opt for any of the mentioned colors and still have a durable and beautiful ring.

5. Can Be Paired with Wood

Tungsten can be paired with other materials to produce a very unique and gorgeous ring. You can inlay these rings with exotic wood and customize yours to stand out from the rest. A simple inlay can change an ordinary ring to a piece that could make you the topic of discussion amongst your peers.

A popular way to inlay is using beautiful exotic wood like aged chestnut, African padauk, and zebrawood among others. Such inlays will give your ring amazing and unique patterns that you will adore.

6. Tungsten is Affordable

Despite having all these advantages, most rings made of tungsten are affordable as compared to diamond and gold rings. The price of tungsten varies with the grade of the material used to make the ring. On its own, tungsten is very brittle and cannot be carved into any jewelry.

When infused with carbon and nickel, it becomes ideal for any type of jewelry. Such a ring would be a little bit more expensive than one with lower-grade components. However, generally, rings crafted from tungsten will fetch cheaper prices than gold, yet they look just as good and will last longer. If you need to save some money and still wear an impressive ring, you should go for a tungsten ring.

7. Hypoallergenic Properties

Some metals, such as gold, trigger allergic reactions in some people. If you are one of those that have such reactions, then tungsten is good news for you. You will never get any allergic reaction as this metal has hypoallergenic properties. You can wear it without fear.