About Wedding Insurance and Accidents

Is there anything more beautiful than a wedding? Everything about it is amazing, from the gorgeous suits and dresses of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids to the decorations set up to make everyone’s heart sing!

Well… there is an exception. The wedding itself might be fun (though the wedding couple might be too stressed to enjoy it), but what is anything but are the logistics behind making it happen. There are many factors to consider, from the venue you’ll be using, to the guest list, to what type of napkins will be placed on the reception tables.

Furthermore, there’s a lot that can go bad regardless of how well you’ve planned. Even if you’ve spent countless nights perfectly detailing every aspect of the event, it only takes a single unlucky moment for someone to slip, fall, or faint and incur some degree of physical damage.

That’s when it all comes crashing down. Fortunately, you can always buy event insurance to protect yourself from such a tragedy.

Not sure how event insurance works? Read on to find out more!

Why Do I Need Event Insurance?

Assuming you are the host of an upcoming event, insurance is essentially a safeguard against the very worst that could happen. Anything that happens to a guest while attending your event leaves you legally responsible. That includes anything from a stolen phone to a broken leg.

That means that it’s going to be you who is paying for any stolen item on the promise. Similarly, any physical injury incurred will have to come out of your own pocket for risk of suing.

Event insurance can cover any surprise financial fees that stem from a botched event. Having your night ruined is much better than losing your whole career, after all.

Examples of Bad Wedding Scenarios

A wedding is lovely, and nothing can go bad, right? Very wrong. Here’s a small list of the most likely tragedies to occur at a wedding.

Slip and Fall

This is the most common type of injury across all events. Slip and falls happen very frequently regardless of how injury-proof you believe your event might be. Even a minuscule crack in a floor tile can lead to one of your guests sprawling over and breaking one of their limbs.

Even worse, if your event is set at any degree of elevation of altitude higher than normal or in a building with multiple stories, then anyone going to fall will be in a lot of pain. Of course, if you’re the event host, then you’ll be in a lot of trouble, as well.

In other words, get ready to pay for their medical bills – unless you have insurance to cover them for you.

Equipment Failure

Accidents happen. An expensive church organ made from burnished copper could come into contact with a few water particles sprayed from one of the guests’ perfumes, oxidizing it and turning it green in the process. The allergic photographer sneezes just as he is about to take a picture, and the camera slips out of his hand, falling twelve feet to its doom.

Those are only two examples of what can go wrong. While they might sound like specific, unlikely scenarios, the truth is that the unlikely always happens when you least expect it. So don’t take any chances and consider insurance instead!

Rowdy Guests

Alcohol makes a lot of people get a little too wild. If one of your guests enjoys their vodka too much before deciding the bar you’re hosting the reception at looks better with a broken window, then you’ve got a big problem on your hands.

This specific scenario is called a liability. Thankfully, most wedding insurance deals cover such situations, paying off any fees associated with the consequences of your rowdy guest. At least you’ll know never to invite them again anywhere, right?

Protect the Wedding!

A great wedding will always be remembered. Unfortunately, so will a bad wedding. Don’t risk the outcome of your client’s wedding and protect yourself against any unpleasant surprises by purchasing insurance for your events.

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