10 Practical Tips To Turn Failure To Success

Have you ever experienced failures in life? Big or small, failures are the events that we want to avoid happening to us. When they do happen, they can certainly make us feel down and unmotivated to put in more effort. Failures are generally being regarded as negative should they occur to us.

Everyone seems to fail at some point in their life. It is something often inevitably happens to all people, especially those who work to achieve success. It is a part and parcel for the people who want to accomplish something big in life.

However, when we think positively about it, failures can be the stepping stones that we need to achieve success. They can be the events that trigger a boost to the progress of our goals’ realization. We should keep on working hard so we can overcome setbacks and even utilize them to help us succeed.

What are the things that we can do to utilize failures and turn them into success? There are some practical tips that you can try for that purpose. Here are those tips:

1. Evaluate Your Work Approach and Fix It

There is certainly some part of your work approach that is wrong when you fail. It can be one of the main reasons why the failure happened in the first place. Therefore, to turn failure into success, you must evaluate it and find ways to improve it.

Examine the failure that you experience in detail and look for your work approach which leads up to it. What are the possible causes and what are the things you can do to improve them next time? Spare a special time to do it so you can think thoroughly. You should get something that can improve your work process to avoid the same failure next time.

2. Set Comeback Milestones

Goals are important when you want to put a lot of effort into something. They can become the main target to where you direct all your works. If you want to seriously come back from failures, then you can be supported with some comeback goals.

What are the objectives you can set so you can overcome the failure situation and progress to success? Define them clearly and add deadlines to the goals. Preferably, they are not too many so you can have more focus on what is important to seriously overcome your setbacks.

3. Plan Your Comeback Actions

When you already have your comeback goals, you need to have an action plan to realize them. What are the things that you can do to make those goals realized? Think about the time you have until their deadlines and plan your actions accordingly.

When you plan the actions that you should take, you may also notice whether the goals you set are already appropriate. Are they unrealistic or probably the bar you set is too low instead? Tweak the goals and the actions simultaneously so you can optimize your comeback effort.

4. Utilize Daily To-do Lists

Probably, you have thought about what you should achieve and do generally to turn your failure into success. Next, you should break it down into daily tasks that aim to accomplish those things. Utilizing to-do lists can be a great way to provide guidance to manage those daily tasks of yours.

Before you begin your day (preferably at the end of the previous day), spare some time to list the tasks that you should do on it. Think about the success and the comeback action plan that you have formulated when doing the list. Make sure the tasks listed can support you in accomplishing them. That should help you keep on progressing in your effort towards turning your failure into success.

5. Schedule Your Day

A daily schedule can help you have more concentration in finishing one task at a time. When you implement it, it can boost your productivity and as a result, it can make you overcome failure faster. Therefore, try to schedule your day to optimize your work.

If you have known the tasks that you should do after formulating a to-do list, it should be much easier. Plot those tasks into the time available for you to work on that day. Make sure the plotting is optimized to utilize the available time well so you can succeed quicker.

6. Realign Your Focus

One of the things that you may need to introspect when you fail is your focus. Have you been focused enough on the success that you desire? Were there things that distracted you significantly that contribute to your failure? Asking these questions should help you to realign your focus in your effort to overcome the failure.

The more focus you give to something that you work on, the greater the outcomes should be. Think back about the focus that you give and whether it is already sufficient to achieve the success you want. Think also about the focus that you should give to overcome your current setbacks. This action should help you to optimize the next effort that you give after this failure experience.

7. Consider the Resources that You Have to Progress to Success

As you fail, especially if it is a big failure, you may need to be smart in your resources’ utilization. They should be optimized to support you to overcome the bad situation caused by the failure. They should also be enough to support other important things that are affected by a bad situation.

The resources that you need to consider can be related to finance, time, people, facilities, and other relevant things. You need to think carefully about the best allocation of the resources for your next actions. How can they make you achieve your comeback goals while also making you not too concerned about other things while working? Doing this action should help to spare you from unnecessary concerns along the way.

8. Ask and Discuss with the Relevant People You Respect

The best solution for your failure situation may not come from your own thoughts. It may come from other people, especially those who have a high level of expertise and experience in the area. Consider consulting them and ask their opinions about your situation.

The people can be your friends, families, or respectable people that you know. If you have a mentor who is relevant to the problem, then you should discuss it with him/her. The people you consult may have great solutions that only become available once they know about your problem.

9. Benchmark Your Solutions

The problem you face shouldn’t be unique. As there are billions of people around the world, there should be some who went through similar experiences as you. If you find them and learn their actions in a similar situation, you may understand more things to overturn the failure. You can consider the good and bad solution alternatives based on the results they had and the situation around your failure.

You can try to benchmark online or discuss it with the people you know going through the same thing as you. You can also be a member of some relevant online/offline forums/communities and open discussion with other members.

Forums and communities usually have members with diverse experiences so you should explore this option. There may even already be previous discussions on how to overcome the kind of failure you experience.

10. Consider Adding New Relevant Knowledge and Skills

Another thing that might become an important cause of failure is the lack of essential knowledge and skills. You might not know a good way to produce successful outcomes in your situation. Therefore, try to see whether there are some knowledge and skills that you lack which can help you overcome your setbacks.

Reflect on the failure and think about what knowledge and skills can make a difference in it. Get the best sources of learning that you can get and begin absorbing the knowledge and skills you need. They should also help you to avoid similar kinds of failure in the future while also boosting your success progress.


Failures might be the outcomes that you should avoid when you want to achieve something meaningful in life. You certainly don’t start chasing your success by wanting to fail at some point. There can also be some bad impacts that you get because of the failures that you experience.

However, if they happen, then you should try to use the situation as best as you can to your advantage. Keep working hard consistently and try turning the failure into the success that you want. Eventually, you will reach the top, look back, and see that those failures might need to happen for your success achievement.

Author Bio: Dan Kristoph is a person who loves to read and write about self-improvement materials. He believes the right self-improvement content can change a person’s life to a much better direction. He is the founder of Positivity Stories, a website that aims to give positive vibes to its contents’ readers.